Friday, November 20, 2009

when I arrived to Helsinki and Imatra…

When I arrived to Helsinki I meet Sofia Björkman, we went for dinner… Then we took the train to Imatra, there some students picked us up and took us and some others of the participant for the week by car to the “hotel”.
I checked in and get a real surprise. I had longing for staying at a luxury hotel for a week, BUT when I opened the door it was a standard lower then the hostel in Sweden, first it was a big disappointed, but then when I meet Alejandra my room mate and the others who stay at the “hotel” I get happier and thought that it was a okay place to stay in, it was also very very close to the workshop, just across the road.
The owner was also very kind and helpful.
The toilet was in the corridor and the shower was in the basement.

I took some photos of the outdoor signs, just to be sure that it WAS a HOTEL, the last frame is Jorge Manilla taking a photo of me, taking a photo of him.

Alejandra made my days there, it was really nice to share room with her.

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