Friday, November 27, 2009

Hi dear once who visit my blog.

At Sunday it’s the 1st of advent and then it will spin really fast until Christmas time, for me at least… I send you my greetings now and hope that everyone will have a grateful and pleasure Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy NEW YEAR!

I have some things to do, to finish before I take the train up to the North of Sweden, to celebrate my Christmas and New Year with my parents and my sister and her two lovely kids.

I have my ordinary living or money work (I will be there until the end of February 2010), then I have a day out at the countryside teaching at Nääs konsthantverk (and more days in January 2010), I will also give a small speech about the time after; at HDK, school of design and crafts (11/12-09). I will also be a part of a talk with the art critic, and curator Damian Skinner from New Zealand at HDK in the beginning of December.
Then I have to do some photos for a book in US (NOW!)… Buy Christmas gift to my family and visit all the great Christmas market here in Gothenburg… so as you can see, no calm time before Christmas. But it’s great and interesting and nice things going on, so I can’t complain, I like the way it looks and felt right now, the wheels are spinning!



Dear friend:I wish you happiness and all kind of good things that you deserve. PEACE AND JOY!!!

LisaM4 said...

God jul och gott nytt år till dig också!!! Hoppas du får en skön jul efter ett hektiskt December!!!



paula lindblom said...

Hejhej Lisa!

NU kanske jag var lite väl tidigt ute?! Känns som om jag blir mer och mer "innan", typ fiffar på långt "innan" det ska till att hända liksom... Samma med taxifärd i Imatra, if you remember?! Nu är jag ute me djulen en hela månad innan... Stress måntro?!

Har ju lite att stå i innan jag kan relaxa med familjen upp i norr.

Ha det gött och vi hinner säkert höra av varandra innan det här året är slut!

Lycka till med ALLT vad ALLT heter!

Kramkram Paula.

paula lindblom said...

Hi dear Fernando!

Long time since the last time we had contact. I hop eeverything is okay with you and that you look forward to Christmas time?!

As you can read and see at my blog, I have some things to do before I take off to my parents up in the North of Sweden.

Take care and enjoy life.

With love and thoughs Paula.