Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ramon Puig Cuyas...

Also a good jewellery artist out there…
I like these brooches very, very much and I have seen them “live”, I think that it’s really good work.

Ramon Puig Cuyas

Felieke van der Leest...

Felieke van der Leest is also one of my favourite jewellery artists.
Sooooooooooooo good, so funny, so inspirited!
It’s hard to not like her jewellery pieces, I want them all, I want to take care…

Felieke van der Leest
16-07-1968, Emmen, Netherlands


Alison Macleod...

Maria Fomich...

I don’t know if I want to wear these jewelleries, but I think they are great reflections over the time we live in…

I like when jewelleries ask us questions, and this ones do…

Yael Krakowski...

This is one of my favourite jewellery artists!
I like and love these jewelleries and they inspired me a lot!!!

Yael Krakowski
Born in 1962 in Israel.
Since 2003 lives in Vernon, BC, Canada.



Gabielle Gould...

Necklace, silver, enamel, pearl (in box), shell.

Necklace 16 inches
Bird: 1.25 x 1.5 x 0.25

Red Sparrow with Crimson Chest Necklace
Sterling silver, paint
Chain: 16
"l Bird: 1"l x .75"h

The subjects that I use in my jewelry - various animals and nature forms - are often from my daily experience of living in coastal Florida. They represent a figurative view of the way I see nature in its environment. Each piece is made by hand in my studio in Florida”.


MAD Museum...

Ruth Radakovich
Cocktail Ring, 1969
14k gold, titanium rutile 2 ¾ x 1 ⅝ x 1 ⅝ in.
Gift of the Johnson Wax Company, through the American Craft Council, 1977
Photo: John Bigelow Taylor

MAD Museum

NEW YORK, NY 10019

The Museum of Arts and Design collects, displays, and interprets objects that document contemporary and historic innovation in craft, art, and design. In its exhibitions and educational programs, the Museum celebrates the creative process through which materials are crafted into works that enhance contemporary life.


Peter Chang...

Here you can see amazing plastic fantastic jewelleries.
Really, really great inspiration source and good colourful works!

Marjorie K Schick...

Now we talk huge colourful art pieces for the body!
I really, really like these kinds of “jewelleries”, that the artist isn’t afraid of working BIG.

Marjorie K Schick

My work is a sculptural statement which is complete when off the figure yet is constructed and exists because of the human body. I am intrigued by the idea that the human body is capable of carrying large objects, both physically and visually; therefore, I often construct forms of a scale which puts the work into the category of body sculpture rather than jewelry.
There are five major aspects to my work: the constructed three-dimensional form, the color relationships, the definition of space, the combination of patterns, and the scale of the objects in relationship to the human figure. My goal is to create a sense of visual tension among the formal elements of each object, such as from line to plane, from color to value, from one directional force to another, or from the rhythms in the structure to the rhythms in the colors. Each object is studied and worked in totality, no part being any less important than any other.
I refer to the linear constructions I did in the 1980's as three-dimensional drawings to wear and to the newer more organic works as sculptural paintings to wear. I hope that as objects they seem to be "alive" with aesthetic presence. The motivation for the work is never to fit into any trend but rather the work is done out of a passion for creating, for trying to do something significant”.

Marjorie K. Schick's resume

Douglas Haslem...

Funny pieces!
I love when I see things that got me feel happy… These are such pieces…

Douglas Haslem

Monday, September 29, 2008

a weekend with silversmith…

This weekend I was lecturing beginners in silversmith.

It was very interesting and inspiration and funny too… To meet people who wants to learn about silversmith and have a burning interest for doing “real” stuff… The time fly!

It was 8 hours a day.

I just have to add a little bite strange thing who happens yesterday, the day after a nice powerful weekend with beginners in silversmith… A weekend full of good energy and lust for learning and doing silversmith.

I get a phone call from my manager who engages me to this weekend course in very short time (she called me at Thursday and this course started at Saturday)…
One of the participants had written her a letter and told her that I don’t know the workshop, and that’s true… I have never worked in this studio/workshop before… The participant told me under this weekend course that she was satisfied, so I have to say that this was a smash in the face, but I know that I have done a good work, so shit happens sometimes…
I have worked with silversmith for 16 years, I also started at evening courses and then I have educated me in different silversmith and art schools… I’m working lecturing in silversmith in other schools when they need deputy.

I want to write this just to tell others, that you never can be sure about whom others see your work and commitment… I absolutely think this is a thing that is “between”, things that you don’t count on in life, but that happens anyway, to err is human.
And I feel sorry for the participant who told me that she was satisfied and the when she get home, write a letter and was dissatisfied.
I can just hope that the other gets something out of the weekend and that they don’t pretend to be satisfied!



FAKTUM SELLER, a short film between the music....








Sunday evening I was at a music event arrange by faktum.
It was a charity event, there all the money get to faktum seller and the organisation…

Everyone who was in this event, done it for free.

It was a really, really nice evening!
Good music and also lots of laughter and some reflection over that a rich country as Sweden has homeless people… it’s a BIG shame that we need this kind of charity events.