Tuesday, August 31, 2010

THANK YOU ALL! Today I reached 40 000 visitors!!!

This is two old pieces or ideas, long time ago I test to cast concrete, it was way to small pieces to fit the concrete material…

I learn that material has it own limit, if you use the benefit of the material, you can get good results otherwise it goes like this…

Sandy Skoglund... and Morrie Robert Yohai...

Morrie Yohai, upphovsman till ostbågelinjen Cheez doodles, har avlidit 90 år gammal. Cheez doodles utvecklade han under 50-talet. De sju centimeter långa, krökta majsmjölskrokarna var en uppstickare mot den tunnare, krummare konkurrenten Cheetos. Cheez doodles fyller inte bara en funktion som tilltugg till populärkultur, utan har också använts i konst, bland annat i ett verk där den amerikanska fotografen Sandy Skoglund klädde ett helt cocktailparty i ostbågar.

Morrie Robert Yohai (pronounced yo-high; March 4, 1920 – July 27, 2010) was an American food company executive best known for his creation of Cheez Doodles, a cylindrical baked cornmeal puff most often with a cheddar cheese flavor.


I really really admire and like Sandy Skoglunds work of art.

It’s creepy and it’s also very aesthetic with the colour and the shapes and the multiplicity of animal that take place in unexpected environment and surroundings…


I found the photos somewhere at Internet…

I do my best to get better…

Echinagard, Alvedon and salt for my cold.

It was along time since I was as cold and ill as I am right now… I have no energy at all and at the same time I felt stressed over by being home, doing more or less nothing at all.
I take my pills, I rest and I gurgle in salt water just to take the entire bacillus away.
It is the coldness season right now, I’m not the only one who is ill right now, but that is not a solace at all.
When the autumn shows up; you meet new people and new bacillus after the summer vacation…
Hopefully this will be my only cold period at this autumn and winter, now I have done my part so to speak.
I need to complain a little because I’m not used to be like this, often I have more or less the energy to go to work even if I’m a little bite ill, I take a Alvedon and then I’m fit for fight, but that is not the point right now… another level of the cold.

a new piece… a circus dog… a brooch…


Monday, August 30, 2010

at hnoss gallery...

Gemma Draper
Vernissage 4 sept 12-16

Föreläsning 3 sept 17-18

Look at earlier post for more information...
The photos at that post are also earlier work by Gemma Draper…

I will end this in the end of this month…


Take a last look of my previewed work, I will close down my website in the end of this months.

This was a great website from the beginning, but some problems showed up between the once who did this great website and me, I never get any codes to update this site, unlucky… So now I will lay my trust at my blog, a place that I can handle totally by myself, to have control, to show what I want and so on…

invitation from Barbara Uderzo - BLOB RINGS…

Barbara Uderzo BLOB RINGS
macef 9-12 settembre 2010
fieramilano/Rho padiglione 11 DESIGNER CLUB A21 B24

I Blob rings sono realizzati in plastica e inglobano micro-oggetti simbolici della contemporaneità. La plastica, magma e colore, è lavorata in modo sperimentale, rielaborando forme casuali attorno ad un cerchio in argento. Nel corso degli anni Barbara Uderzo ha creato piccole “famiglie” di anelli Blob su argomenti specifici, come ad esempio i Blob rings food, relativi al cibo ed agli oggetti di cucina, quelli con fette di torte, tazzine o teiere, caffettiere o bonbon, immersi nella panna o in traslucide glasse.
*Il titolo della collezione, viene da quel film degli anni ’50 divenuto un culto per gli amanti della fantascienza: “Blob, il fluido che uccide”; protagonista del film è infatti una gelatina color fragola che invade la Terra e inghiotte qualsiasi cosa o persona capiti sulla sua strada.


I meet Barbara in Barcelona this Eastern, since then we have contact by e-mail, share what’s going on at our jewellery scenes… Good luck with the show Barbara!
It would be very interesting to see Barbara’s jewellery live; I like the shapes and the colours…

Sunday, August 29, 2010

indoor day…


Liu Qinghe...

I got newsletters from this interesting Chinese gallery, I’m really fascinated about what’s going on “over” there and this time as many other times it looks really really interesting and as I have said before, it’s good that we have internet these days, then we all can take part.

I like the sculptures very much but I get really impressed about the aquarelles too…

Red Gate Gallery is pleased to announce
Exhibition of New Paintings

Vernissage:: 4 September 2010, 3 - 5 pm
Exhibition dates:: 4 September - 22 September

Red Gate Gallery is pleased to present a new series of paintings and sculptural works by acclaimed artist Liu Qinghe. Trained as a classical ink wash painter, Liu Qinghe expresses his contemporary vision through the traditional medium and bridges the cultural gap between opposing artistic traditions. Liu Qinghe's latest series of female portraits seeks to revisit and redefine the canons of beauty . He concocts his sensual oriental nudes in washes of multiple tones of grey with a subtle pearly palette. The philosophy of the traditional ink wash seeks not to reproduce the subject matter through realism but instead to capture its essence and its soul. Liu Qinghe attempts to paint his subjects' temperament and inner world through seemingly relaxed and expressionistic brush strokes. Liu Qinghe will also be showing his figurative sculptures for the first time in Beijing - sensual busts with painted bodies that evoke a meditative mood as they dialogue with the paintings. The result is an intimate “Yin” universe that celebrates the female form and psyche in modern times.
In a plethora of poses and attitudes, the seductive and restless protagonists appear suspended in space and take centre stage. The viewer is invited to complete the painting with their imagination. The void can be seen as an over sized bed, an empty studio or an abstract outdoor scene where the models are at ease with their bodies and confident of their sexuality. Liu Qinghe’s nudes seem to draw references from art history. The curvaceous silhouettes with their big hips, close-ups of round faces and double chins appear to be the contemporary cousins of the Tang dynasty buxom court ladies. As seen in 8th century tomb murals and funerary figures, the Tang women used to be clad in see-through shawls and sexy low-cut blouses. This is a testament to the unprecedented social freedom and political power enjoyed by women from the 7th till 10th century. Images of sinewy and svelte characters recall the erotic paintings from the Qing dynasty where pensive ladies lie in luxurious interiors decorated with objects infused with symbols of fertility. As opposed to the baroque environment in those paintings, Liu Qinghe’s women lie against a minimalist backdrop. The lifting of all embellishments seems to reflect the unlocking of the social shackles. The personages no longer have bound feet in the form of a lotus petal nor accompanied by a servant maid or flanked by a lover. The "three-inch golden lotuses" are replaced with platform sandals, high cut boots or simply just bare feet. There is a new found confidence and independence that mirrors the status of the Chinese woman today. Their gazes and gestures unveil the psychology of the new Chinese woman: one that is not afraid to confront the vicissitudes of life on their own terms and even if women are alone, they are not necessarily lonely.
The vernissage is on 4 September and the exhibition will run till 22 September in the Watchtower.



how could I know, is it me or is it you?!

It is so much you have to learn about this world and be wear of…

Photos from my dad, he has taken some photos of their kitten Sigge, he is not as small as you can see, around a half year and already 3, 6 kg. Sigge is a Maine coon cat.

a day with ego surf… Look what I found…

I have to say that I’m glad when I’m in a context that make my jewellery comes to their rights… With other interesting, nice and good artist/jewellery who are more or less work with the same ideas, use what we have in our surroundings, not necessary noble materials, and put together and doing wearable art - Contemporary jewellery.



This was sites that I was linked in, but a great”new” jewellery sites for me…
I will add the address and return to these sites, always interesting to be up date of what’s going on in the jewellery field all over the world, because IF you haven’t recognize it, it’s getting bigger and bigger and also better and better…






And so on…

This is some of the sites I found, of course I’m in some more, but that I already know, this once are new for me and I like what I found… I send my greetings to all the once who runs jewellery – art blogs and wish you all to keep up the good work and don’t stop sharing your things, your inspirations sources and so on with us others who also are here in the amazing cyber space, looking for interesting things etc.

Nubia who runs this blog has become an Internet friend of mine, which is also a very nice idea about this blogging system, to connect, to get a new friend who works with art in different ways, as they say in France, VIVE LA INTERNET!

Gemma Draper...

Object: Apertura 4 2009
Copper, enamel, acrilyc, polymer clay, paint

Brooch: S is for Union 2008
Copper, enamel, wood, sterling silver, silk, steel wire

Brooch: R is for Excess 2008
Acrilyc, brass, nickel silver, sterling silver, steel wire

Gemma Draper, Spanien

At Hnoss gallery 4–26 September 2010.

Opening hours: Wednesday–Thursday 12–17,
Friday–Sunday 12–16.
Öppet: ons–tors 12–17, fre–sön 12–16.

Gemma Draper

Fredag 3/9:

Kl 17 är det föreläsning med Gemma Draper i hus 8:a

Mellan 18-20 är det sedan vernissage på Hnoss och i
gröna rummet.

Puben öppnar kl 19 i hus 8:a och varar så länge som
det finns intresse och öl.

Hjärtligt välkomna!

Friday 3/9:

17.00 lecturing by Gemma Drapner in house 8 at Konstepidemin

18.00-20.00 is the opening at Hnoss gallery and in the green room, “hnoss-extended”.

The bar opened 19.00 and is open as long there are interesting and beer.



Hnoss started in 1997. It's internationally oriented exhibition programme shows the wide range of expressions that are found in contemporary jewellery.

Hnoss is located at Konstepidemin – an area full of studios, galleries and other cultural activities in Göteborg. http://www.konstepidemin.se/

The photos is from Klimt02.

I care a lot at Platina in Stockholm...



OPEN TUE-FRI 11-18, SAT 11-15

See more at; http://www.platina.se/Pressrelease/Icarealot_press.html

The project aim is to raise discussion about current issues in the Middle East through an international art exhibition in which jewellery is the chosen media. It was founded by Dana Hakim a jewelry artist and Yosef Bercovich a graphic designer. 42 pieces of artists from 22 countries were selected independently by five international jury members - experts in their fields of studies and practice: Dr. Otto von Busch (Sweden) - Fashion Activist, Love Jonsson (Sweden) - Craft Critic, Prof' Verd Kaminski (Israel) - Jewellery Artist, Shari pierce (USA, Germany) - Jewellery Artist, Dr. Nada Shabout (USA,Qatar) - Art Historian

Artists; Adam Grinovich, Ana Morais Caldas, Anna Williams, Vivi Touloumidi, Annette Dam, Barbara Deriemaeke, Beatrice Brovia, Burcu Buyukuna, Caitlin Wood, Chloé Durand, Claire Baloge, Dalya Israeli, Deganit Stern Schocken, Einat Leader, Ela Bauer, Ella Wolf, Filomena Praça; Frida Åberg, Gular Mustafa, Hannah Joris, Iacov Azubel, Ingrid Römmich & Veronika Schmid, Jan Turzo, Katja Prins, Kristina Lugonja, Loukia Richards, Malaika Najem, Marieke Van Diepen, Melanie Georgacopoulos, Michal Oren, Michelutti Flavia Eleonora, Midori Ikeda, Miri Admoni, Noga Hadad, Nuria Briones Perez, Sally Von Bargen, Mervat Hakroosh & Rotem Lewinsohn, Tamara Navama, Teresa Milheiro, Ulla Ahola, Machteld Van Joolingen, Vered Babai, Vivi Touloumidi

Saturday, August 28, 2010

pics from the Sintra gallery…

It’s both my stuff and David Carlsson´s…

David Carlsson is the one in the white t-shirt.

Thank you for the flowers and that you stopped by and had a look.

I visit Jacob Nyberg’s exhibition at Two Little Birds…

I can warmly recommend both the exhibition and the café.

Fika time at Two Little Birds...

Fika time with my friend Therese and her daughter Fanny, a great day even if I’m a little bite ill today, I have catch a cold…

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lotta Andersson...

Lotta is a friend of mine…

I wish you good luck!
I hope I got the time to see all the photos; it’s in my hoods….


I’m so grateful!!!

Here are two sites in the world that promote my small window exhibition at gallery Sintra in Gothenburg…


Jacob Nyberg...

Jacob Nyberg show jewellery, objects and paintings at the alternative show scene at Two Little Birds at the second long street in Gothenburg.

I hope I got the time to visit it.

Good Luck Jacob!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

the main attraction at gallery Sintra, David Carlsson…

28 augusti – 21 september 2010

David Carlsson "Lacrimosa"

Inför den här utställningen har jag arbetat med utgångspunkt i vardagens bedrövligheter. Det handlar om sorg och smärta men också om förändring och om skönhet mitt i eländet. Allra mest handlar det nog kanske om sådant man är rädd skall hända.

I mitt konstnärliga arbete intresserar jag mig ofta för kontraster och kombinationer. Det kan röra sig om dröm och verklighet, strävan och resultat eller upprepning och avbrott. Jag återvänder gärna till vardagen där jag fascineras av såväl rutiner och vanor som längtan efter en annan tillvaro. Med utgångspunkt i keramiska material och referenser vill jag skapa bilder och objekt som gärna får vara både poetiska och tydligt berättande.

På utställningen visas verk som tar avstamp i vardagsmiljön. Med denna som scen försöker jag berätta om svåra och hemska saker på ett förhoppningsvis nära och personligt plan.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

jag har blivit en glasögonorm…

I am a proud spectacled snake…
Today I get my Götti, Switzerland glasses, and for now on I will wear glasses every single day…

this is the pieces for the Sintra window show…

A small and easy arithmetic example…

This is the price for jewellery at the gallery and what I get in the end IF I sell something, the galleries takes about 30-60% in commission fee and as you can see it’s not so much money to me in the end…
For the profit I made, I have to pay 25% tax to the state…

12500:- = 7000:- = 5250:-
8000:- = 4800:- = 3600:-
7500:- = 4000:- = 3000:-
= 3300:- = 2475:-
= 900:- = 675:-

And then people asked what I live on?! Or why my jewellery has such a high price…

In my profit you have to reckon in:
The idea, the time it takes to make the piece of jewellery, material, the costs around a exhibition as exhibition cards, computer time for sending my stuff around, photo time for documentation, travel or sending (postage) my pieces to the show place and so on…

In the end I have to a cup of coffee, but I have done my work very well and I love what I am doing, so…
This is wearable jewellery, but also done as sculptures/objects when it isn’t wearing…

I working with unique pieces and I related my art to the nature, more the artificially nature…

Today our fauna looks a little bite different form yesterday, today we have to count coca cola cans, cigarettes, different plastic material and so on, things that we human left in the nature, it has become a new “fauna” because it takes years and year to break it down and go away…
I do the jewellery with a twist, but IF you start think about your own surroundings and what you throw away or as in my case, kept…

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I send all my greetings to my visitors!

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Serbia (RS) 6
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Egypt (EG) 5
Hong Kong (HK) 5
Latvia (LV) 4
Palestinian Territory (PS) 4
Pakistan (PK) 4
Peru (PE) 4
Saudi Arabia (SA) 4
Costa Rica (CR) 3
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) 3
Nigeria (NG) 3
Uruguay (UY) 3
Armenia (AM) 3
Faroe Islands (FO) 2
Puerto Rico (PR) 2
Senegal (SN) 2
Ghana (GH) 2
Cyprus (CY) 2
Aland Islands (AX) 2
Tanzania, United Republic of (TZ) 2
Vietnam (VN) 2
Kenya (KE) 2
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Panama (PA) 1
Isle of Man (IM) 1
Papua New Guinea (PG) 1
Bolivia (BO) 1
Guernsey (GG) 1
Suriname (SR) 1
Cote D'Ivoire (CI) 1
Yemen (YE) 1
Albania (AL) 1
Uzbekistan (UZ) 1
Kuwait (KW) 1
Jordan (JO) 1
Bermuda (BM) 1
Tunisia (TN) 1
Algeria (DZ) 1
Nepal (NP) 1
Bahrain (BH) 1
Virgin Islands, U.S. (VI) 1
Iraq (IQ) 1
Burkina Faso (BF) 1
Lao People's Democratic Republic (LA) 1
Jamaica (JM) 1
Qatar (QA) 1
Bangladesh (BD) 1
Trinidad and Tobago (TT) 1

I’m so satisfied with having this blog, to show and to communicate with all of you who stopped by here sometimes, don’t stop stopping by… and by the way; THANK YOU for stopping by…

these brooches will be showed at hnoss-extended 3-4-5 September 2010.

Never showed before...

old and new pieces…

Some of it will be showed at gallery Sintra 28/8-21/9 2010.