Friday, August 27, 2010

I’m so grateful!!!

Here are two sites in the world that promote my small window exhibition at gallery Sintra in Gothenburg…


montserrat lacomba said...

Exuse me Paula, there are three:

Thank you.

Good luck!

Kramkram Montserrat

paula lindblom said...

Hi dear Montserrat!


I have some problems to visit your blog, so I haven’t checked it out... Every time I will visit your blog my computer close down, may be some problem with my blog?!

I wish you a great weekend.

Here the autumn has arrived, a short summer, very warm but soooooooooo short…

With love and thoughts, kramkram Paula.

montserrat lacomba said...

Dear Paula,

I think it doesn't go well with internet Explorer, do you use it? It's better if you uses Firefox or Goggle Chrome or another.

We have the highest temperatures these days! so our summer is still here and I like it!

Kramkram Montserrat

paula lindblom said...

Yes, I use Internet Explorer; I really don’t know how to change it... I have to figure it out... This problem started for me in the end of July I think…

I’m a little bite jealous about the heat you have in Spain and at Formentera… The summer started really later this year here in Sweden and then we get a hot summer and then it just end, around two weeks ago.

Take care and enjoy life!

Kramkram Paula.

I have just catch a cold and it’s so irritated right now when I have a lot of things to do… But it is a typical thing to get ill in the beginning of the autumn.