Sunday, November 30, 2008

Anthony Tammaro...

Anthony Tammaro


mi-mi moscow...

mi-mi moscow


Gitte Nygaard...

The piano has been
drinking,my necktie
is asleep
And the combo went
back to New York,
the jukebox has to
take a leak
And the carpet needs
a haircut, and the
spotlight looks like a
prison break
Cause the telephone's
out of cigarettes,
and the balcony is on the
Cause the piano has
been drinking
The piano has been
drinking not me
not me
not me
Tom Waits

plastic snow flake star...

Now my kitchen window is Christmas decorated with my lovely plastic snow flake star from the 1960 or early 70…. I love it!

This will be all my Christmas decoration this year…

my problem is squirrels...

Rats of dust are not my problem; my problem is squirrels and other animals that come home with me from flea markets and other places…

Mizue Ogiso...

Mizue Ogiso

I really, really like Mizues art; it’s so peaceful and strong pieces…

Mitsuhiro Ikeda...

Mitsuhiro Ikeda

I’m not so found of video art, but this I have to say, I like very, very much and I hope that I will and can be able to see it live in the future!

I want to wish you all a nice and calm 1st Advent…

I want to wish you all a nice and calm 1st Advent…
Here I have built up a modern view of the Jesus child in the crib.

Have a nice 1st Advent Sunday!

With love and thoughts, Paula.

247 Swedish craft artists...

My pages in the book about craft artist in Sweden…
I’m satisfied with the book, it is really good.

Annamária Kovaľová...

Annamária Kovaľová

Very, very nice and interesting!


And when you are out in the cyber space, check this address too;

Paula Lindblom...

Brooches made by baking tins, glass beads and nylon tread.

Cecilia Johansson...

Cecilia Johansson

Tuesday evening at gallery Sintra...

Janina Kurp has catch two big bloggers from Gothenburg’s craft artist world.
Here is I and Bibbi Forsman, a great blogger!

Here we look at some photos of mine…

Marta Miguel...

Marta Miguel


Always good pieces!

Good luck my friend!!! With love and thoughts, Paula.

Marie Bonfils...

Marie Bonfils

Wounderful! So simple and in the same time so strong, like it a lot!


this weekend in Barcelona...



I get invited to this even, but it was a little bite short of time… Good to see and may be hearing something about it from Montserrat, how it looks etc, so may be I will get a second chance to participant in this next time they will arrange it.

Michelle Cangiano...

Michelle Cangiano

What a beautiful pieces and patterns… I can see the inspiration by nature.

"Inspiration for my jewellery is vast, and whether I am studying repetitive patterns found in nature or observing everyday objects from the past or present, my aim is to create work that takes on its own identity.
These shapes often trigger a memory of an existing form for the viewer or owner and vary greatly from person to person, one form taking on many guises.
An antler?
A branch?
An internal organ?
Though each series I produce is titled, separate pieces are not, which seems to encourage this process. Each piece of work I make always belongs to a series. The pieces are not worn nor necessarily shown as part of their original family but it is through the making process that these groups emerge.
A Fine Art background greatly influences the way my work is produced as I start with the working and reworking of drawings and collages. For my brooches in particular, these initial drawings play a major part in the look and feel of the final product.
My drawings are etched into brass plates which I then use to emboss onto sterling silver sheets. The silver sheets are then turned into brooches.
My work is governed by this process and it is during these drawings that quantity, scale and techniques such as embossing and oxidising are finalised."

First found at;

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I have light it up a little bite...

Janina send me a photo... I have light it up a little bite...

Kulturlördag/Culture Saturday with my friend Janina… Here we having a coffee break.

Kulturlördag/Culture Saturday with my friend Janina… Here we having a coffee break.

Thomas C Chung and his friends Javier- a guest artist from Spain…

I got these photos from Thomas today, after our meeting and I also order some of his wonderful art pieces as some kind of Christmas gift to myself.

As I have written before, I’m so glad and grateful when people from all over the world are sending me photos!

It’s always nice to have and I like to add it to my blog, so others also can share what’s going on….

Thank you, thank you Thomas!
We will meet again...

Hello Paula ,
It is just Thomas writing from the Konstepidemin.
Thank you for coming by today, and bringing your friend Yanina along- it was very kind of you!!

Not forgetting that I had to send you some are 2 recently from the Bergrummet (sitting outside with my friend Javier- a guest artist from Spain).
Along with this are 3 extra images I found in my folders
(taken while I was in a residency in Kemijarvi, Finland this year)
- in case the other ones you don't want to use .

I've also reminded myself, that the 8 knitted coconut tarts are now yours for reserve-
so not to worry .
If you have friends and family who would like anything from the show, feel free to let me know (so I can reserve them right away!).

Many sincere thanks for your support again!!!



Me and Thomas C. Chung...

Thomas C. Chung...

Thomas C. Chung

I meet Thomas today and it was a friendly and open minded meeting!
I really, really like the room he hade create in “bergrummet” at Konstepidemin.

IF you living in Gothenburg and have some time over take a walk up to Konstepidemin and look at his amazing room, it’s very meditative.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing it with others!!!

Mizue Ogiso and Mitsuhiro Ikeda, Japan...

Mizue Ogiso

Mizue Ogiso also show amazing drawings, I have to say that I like this really, really much and that this couple make my day, tougher with other nice meetings and nice things with my friend Janina… We had a wonderful (even if it was rainy…)kulturlördag”/"culture Saturday".

I want one of these wall pieces!

Mitsuhiro Ikeda ”Ike” is doing very interesting video installations in the public space, using windows in the city room to show his art pieces… Very, very good!

So my dear artist friends, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
Nice to see what you are working with...
Hej Paula,This is Mitsuhiro ikeda (IKE)
Nice to meet you last night !
My web site is here.
See you around !
+46 (0)31 41 08 51
Guest Studio 1
Konstepidemins vag6 S-413 14Goteborg ,SWEDEN