Tuesday, December 17, 2013

to ALL my visitors!

Thank you for stopping by... I wish you a great end and a new interesting year with ALL what you want to come true.


night light in Gothenburg...


Sunday, December 15, 2013

third advent...

The time past very fast...

very very long time ago since last time...

Yesterday I meet a friend from my childhood time in Sundsvall, she had moved to Gothenburg and we run into each other this summer and decide meet. Yesterday evening was a good day for us both and finally, almost 30 years later we was meeting, talking about the past and what we were doing these days. A great meeting!

Sometimes it nice to look back and see what´s happens in our life's, what dreams we had and what we become in the "end"... We was out inter railing in the 80s and we grow up on the same island and went to school together, we have some common friends and so on... I have to say that I have lost contact with my past and I´m not a face booking person, so I´m limit in the way of finding old friends too... Off course I have some connection left, but it´s not so many these days, my family are still in my old hoods and I'm there as much as I possibly can., but it´s must summer and wintertime's.

Saturday at Kviberg with a friend...


Yesterday I was a one of my favorite places here in Gothenburg, Kviberg market... I was there with a friend and her boyfriend and 4 years old son. We had a great time and did some nice findings for Christmas.  The rain was showered down, but it doesn't matter when you have good company and a nice fika in the middle of the trip.


Friday, December 13, 2013

on my walk today...

Even small public art can have effect in our life... I like to look after signs in the public space and I am happy when other give me things to discover, things to think about...


on my walk today...

I thought this was really really funny art, I found this at gallery Box´s window.
I think we need to be a little bite more funny when we are doing art and this was funny, in my way, anyhow...



from Gila Fly...


Today I got a package, a Christmas gift from my friend and college Gila Fly, she was visit me last month and remember that I collect seahorses and squirrels... These two animals are my totems in some way and I have got and collect these animals for years...

Now I got a soft yellow once.



a mix of me...


det är mycket jul nu...


At Wednesday I was at Christmas dinner with variety show at Folkteatern here in Gothenburg.
My first and only Christmas dinner this year.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Saint Lucia's Day...

Santa Lucia
Sankta Lucia
Natten går tunga fjät, runt gård och stuga.
Kring jord som sol'n förlät, skuggorna ruva.
Då i vårt mörka hus, stiga med tända ljus,
Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia.
Natten var stor och stum. Nu hör det svingar,
i alla tysta rum, sus som av vingar.
Se på vår tröskel står vitkläd, med ljus i hår,
Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia.
Mörkret skall flykta snart ur jordens dalar.
Så hon ett underbart ord till oss talar.
Dagen skall åter ny, stiga ur rosig sky,
Sankta Lucia, Sankta Lucia.
Hark! through the darksome night
Sounds come a winging:
Lo! 'tis the Queen of Light
Joyfully singing.
Clad in her garment white,
Wearing her crown of light,
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!
Deep in the northern sky
Bright stars are beaming;
Christmas is drawing nigh
Candles are gleaming.
Welcome thou vision rare,
Lights glowing in thy hair.
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia!





Sunday, December 8, 2013

second Advent...

Second Advent...
My plan was to go to a great international worldwide market here in Gothenburg (Kviberg) this Sunday, but the weather was not perfect for it, it will be a day indoors taking care and working with my new jewellery stuff ideas, not a bad compromise, it will be nice to be indoors with candles and harmony, time with myself.


I´m not so house holding, but I have done some in my opinion delicious cakes...

Kokostoppar med saffran - coconut peaks with saffron...


50 g
Smör (butter)
0,25 g
saffran, 1/2 kuvert (saffron)
2 dl
Strösocker (sugar)
2 st
ägg, små eller medelstora (egg)
200 g
Kokosflingor (coconut flakes)


1. Sätt ugnen på 200°. Smält smöret. Finstöt saffranet med lite av sockret och blanda ner i smöret. Låt smöret svalna.
2. Blanda ner resten av sockret, ägg och kokosflingor. Låt stå ca 10 min så sväller kokosflingorna.
3. Klicka ut toppar med tesked på plåt med bakplåtspapper.
4. Grädda mitt i ugnen 10-12 min tills de fått fin färg.




Friday, December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013...

Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

Jag har vandrat den långa vägen mot frihet. Jag har försökt att inte vackla; jag har gjort misstag längs vägen. Men jag har upptäckt hemligheten att efter att ha bestigit ett stort berg finner man bara att där är många flera berg att bestiga.

I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment

A great person that always will be in our mind.  An icon for the whole world.

I have always been interesting in Nelson and his ANC work. May be because I am a Swedish person that grow up at the 70 with our great leader at that time Olof Palme that was our social democratic party leader and had a big human heart for equal rights and Nelson Mandela and his people needed support for the world at that time... Time to think over our past and our future I think... Remind us all that we need to work hard for a great world for everyone. It´s always a process to take care and see others, to respect and understand why...

Mandela var Sydafrikas president mellan 1994 och 1999. Han var landets förste president som valts i demokratiska val med rösträtt för hela befolkningen.

Mandela was a politician and philanthropist who served as President of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the first black South African to hold the office, and the first elected in a fully representative election.

Jag hatar rasdiskriminering mest intensivt och alla dess yttringar. Jag har kämpat hela mitt liv; jag slåss nu, och kommer att göra det fram till slutet av mina dagar. Även fast jag råkar dömas av en, vars åsikt jag högt uppskattade, avskyr jag våldsamt situationen som omger mig här. Det gör att jag känner att jag är en svart man på en vit mans planhalva. Så ska det inte vara, jag skulle vilja känna mig tillfreds och hemma i förvissningen att jag prövas av en sydafrikan, som inte betraktar mig som en sämre människa som ska särbehandlas.

I hate racial discrimination most intensely and all its manifestations. I have fought all my life; I fight now, and will do so until the end of my days. Even although I now happen to be tried by one, whose opinion I hold in high esteem, I detest most violently the set-up that surrounds me here. It makes me feel that I am a Black man in a White man's court. This should not be I should feel perfectly at ease and at home with the assurance that I am being tried by a fellow South African, who does not regard me as an inferior, entitled to a special type of justice.





just stop...

I think we need to stop for awhile and think... what we can do and what we can offer and what we want to do... Maybe I am in some kind of extensile emotion right now when different thinks happen all around the world, the Christmas time is close and my bread and butter work has turn into just a necessary thing to do for survive... I need challenges and I need new views, new things to use my energy and creativity at.

from my window...


Now the winter is here I think... Yesterday evening was very very windy and the snow was flying in the air for finally landed at the ground and stay there to this morning...




mini avocado with a normal once...


Same same but different, some days ago I ran on a new "fruit", the light green smaller once is a mini avocado... I have never seen and taste these kind of fruit and now I waiting and longing for it to get ready to eat.


de dansande andarnas skog...


Sunday evening I take off to Haga bion for a film that I have longing for to see, de dansande andarnas skog... It was a great evening with a friend of me and a interesting documentary about people in Congo's jungle... but I was a little disappointed about the angel in the film, for me as I thought from the beginning when I had heard and read about the film I thought it was the makers journey I was taking part of, but it was "just" some of the people that lived in the jungle that was showed, I missed for myself a dimension I think. I believe that I have seen this kind of documentaries before, nothing new under the sun so to speak, even if it's  always good to remain about the vulnerability people are expose to and that we all have some kind of responsibility for what´s going on in our world.



Sunday, December 1, 2013

some city views...


Benedikte Esperi at Prickig katt... - en önskning / a wishes...


A great First Sunday Advent with window performance by performance artist Benedikte Esperi as some kind of wishes angel at the boutique Prickig katt. When I was looking at this great performance a child past by and ask his mother if it was an real angel, the mother answered; maybe.
For me to be looking and take part and see and hear how people react on this kind of happenings makes me happy and also very involved even if I am passive just looking.

It looks beautiful Benedikte and you was beautiful in this window, nice concept!
I´m glad that you told me about this event.