Sunday, December 15, 2013

very very long time ago since last time...

Yesterday I meet a friend from my childhood time in Sundsvall, she had moved to Gothenburg and we run into each other this summer and decide meet. Yesterday evening was a good day for us both and finally, almost 30 years later we was meeting, talking about the past and what we were doing these days. A great meeting!

Sometimes it nice to look back and see what´s happens in our life's, what dreams we had and what we become in the "end"... We was out inter railing in the 80s and we grow up on the same island and went to school together, we have some common friends and so on... I have to say that I have lost contact with my past and I´m not a face booking person, so I´m limit in the way of finding old friends too... Off course I have some connection left, but it´s not so many these days, my family are still in my old hoods and I'm there as much as I possibly can., but it´s must summer and wintertime's.

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