Sunday, June 30, 2013

maybe some day...

IF I someday will do a tattoo, I found my picture on my trip to Copenhagen… I love this poster!
This is the example when an image says more the 1000 words.

Copenhagen, Denmark 27-29 June 2013...

My feet on Danish ground!
I love Copenhagen and If I can come up with some idea to do there I will absolutely move to Copenhagen.

When I lived for a short time in Copenhagen 1999 I always bicycle by this or maybe another one of this herons. I like this heron bird very much, I think it has something  calm and proud in itself that I like.

Gudanamn; Benu

Avbildad som/reinkarnerad i;
Grå häger

Släkt; Inkarnation av Atum

Dyrkas som; Heliopolis heliga fågel

Plats; Heliopolis

Egenskap; Helig fågel

Kommentar; Förebilden till grekernas fågel fenix.
Nära förknippad med den heliopolitanska solguden Atum vars uppenbarelseform Benu var
Den avbildade grå hägern i dödsboken symboliserar både Re och Osiris.

Text från;


From the coolest corner...

Paula Lindblom ( not the best photo...)

Kim Buck

Annette Dam

from design museum...

From the coolest corner in Copenhagen…

Finally I got to see all the fabulous jewellery that is in the exhibition “from the coolest corner”.  I miss the open speech but then I have the opportunity to say hi to some of my jewellery colleges and have a look at ALL the amazing jewellery that is the jewellery of today in the Nordic countries… I´m proud and honored to be a part of this, it makes me want to continue with my jewellery work.

My absolutely favourite at the exhibition among all the great artist and works was; Julia Maria Künnap from Estland. I think it is genial to do this kind of jewellery pieces. Also a piece that I really really want to have and wear! Julia Maria Künnap is a new jewellery artist in my life, never seen and heard about her before, I´m glad that I now know her work, and I will keep my eye open for more…

Kim Buck was the guest of honor of this exhibition, I really really like his birk rings and off course also the colorful once…

Kim Buck

Annette Dam is one of the once that show her jewellery at the exhibition, I LOVE her necklace, I think that 
it´s a great idea she had come up with and I want it!!! (or a smaller piece…)

Thursday evening after the exhibition…

A muffin talking in the cell phone...

Some sculptures in a gallery at Ravensborggade...

Thursday evening after the exhibition… an amazing evening!

We took a walk from the Design museum and had a animal drama on our way, in Nyhavn a small animal (no idea what kind of animal it is) was lost on the bridge deck or pier… the low sun light was so beautiful… We ended up in a small place with a falafel and some pommes afterward we celebrate my part of the exhibition with a beer in a great pub close where we lived.