Thursday, June 20, 2013

glad midsommar!

Glad midsommar! 
Happy midsummer!

This is what all are about… expansive strawberries to celebrate the summer. Herring and fresh new potato and sour cream as well… Nubbe (dram) is also something to remember, a clear cold OP Anderson served with a song, a nubbevisa (drinking-song) and the best of the whole midsummer, good friends and family. Seven kinds of flower in midnight so you have sweet dreams about the one you will married… jumping over seven fences in silence in the midnight too and you for sure will dream about your big love. In the daytime we get together and dance around a flower dressed phallus pole and sing; små grodorna är lustiga att se! We absolutely get are trust and hope to a sunny day so everything can be as perfect as we want, but we all know that it´s more a rule that it rain and is cold this day of the year, but we are very hopeful year after year anyway.

It is a weekend when people can felt sad and alone, so it´s not just fun and party and traditional food this day or weekend.

I think that Swedish people could be very open minds and hospitable, but midsummer is as I experience it a much closed tradition in many ways. You do what you always have done and you don’t felt comfortable with new elements that could mess with the traditions.

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