Sunday, June 16, 2013

Saturday 25th of May... Hammarkullen...

Saturday 25th of May I was to Hammarkullen and the 38th year’s festival there, a great sunny day with a lot of colorful people, dance and crazy merry-go-round for a day or two.

I was there with my friend Frida and her little 3 years old son, we had a great day.

I think this is a great and very well planed event, a weekend there we all come together, old, young, Swedish or from other countries… a continental feeling. I think this kind of events make us all forget our backgrounds and just be in the moment of happiness, color and joy. May be it seems as some kind of illusion when a lot of cars burning in different suburb of Sweden at the same time, but I think we need to be ware of each other … and this kind of event could help us all to get a little bit closer, that we share the same space and we all are allowed to be here in this area and country for the same reason…

I like these kinds of event and I think we all could join it and learn about each other.

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