Monday, January 27, 2014

some of the pieces that I will be represented with...

Press Release

“Gioielli alternativi: ingegno e creatività indossabile”
(“Unconventional Jewels: Wearable Talent and Creativity” )
The exhibition "Unconventional Jewels: Wearable Talent and Creativity", hosted at Abilmente on the
Vicenza fairgrounds, is dedicated to body ornaments testifying to the happy mix between manual skills
and courageous insights gaining their strength from artist’s experiences, preferences and personal
Curated by Nunzia De Feo is organized by associazione Nurò established in Verona, that aims to enhance

The more than one hundred works that will be presented, created ​​by 38 artists from various countries, in their wearability, meet the need, as old as humanity, to create artifacts with which to inevitably communicate fragments of real life stories and for this reason authentic .
As stated by one of the participants, the London based artist-goldsmith Joanne Haywood in her

interesting book "Mixed-media Jewellery", there is no limit to the choice of materials to use. The rings,
bracelets, necklaces, earrings and brooches exhibited are made ​​of ceramic, fiber, yarn, horn, leather,
plastics, metals, wood, resin, silicone, enamels and fabrics, sometimes recycled and used in different
ways to produce innovative solutions. Metal is not one of the preferred choices and is often absent or relegated to a marginal role.
In light of this consideration, the link is evident between this show and Abilmente, place of choice for
fresh and important encounters with materials and experiences and with the objects of the workshops which characterize this fair.

In conclusion, these "unconventional jewels" possess an intriguing and captivating charm, sometimes
as naive as disarming. They are characterized by a narrative or abstract language rich of symbolic or
onceptual references and by a raw, bitter , pungent, or sometimes, by contrast, graceful, kind and
almost childlike aesthetic. They offer rare moments of intellectual and spiritual empathy to visitors. They are "little living worlds" capable of awakening dormant emotions, never suspected inclinations and reflect today's contemporaneity crossed by the incessant demand for vitality and positive zeal.

Next to established artists from the international contemporary world such as the Dutch / Argentinean Luis Acosta, the Italian Corrado De Meo, the English Joanne Haywood and Elizabeht Bone, the Japanese Mikiko Minewaki , appear new recruits who have already drawn the attention of the public, of experts and the press: the young French Marion De la Rue whose porcelain necklace, which will be on display at Abilmente, appeared in Vogue Gioiello May 2013 to end with the English Elizabeth Campbell, Jelka Quintelier, Liz Hamman, the Canadian Louise Perrone, the American beading teacher Aurelio Castano and the Suisse Iulie Usel, all widely acclaimed by the critics of their countries of origin and not only.Acosta Luis (AR/NL), Alvarez Patricia (AR), Alvarez Main Rafael Luis (AR), Bartos Agata (PL), Bone Elizabeth (UK), Busnel Isabelle (UK), Campbell Elizabeth (UK), Castano Aurelio (USA), Cruz Patricia (IT), De Feo Nunzia (IT), Delarue Marion (FR), De Meo Corrado (IT), Del Papa Clara (IT), Esser Suzanne (NL), Girardello Resi (IT), Giusti Laura (AR), Hadass Marianna (UK), Hamman Liz (UK), Haywood Joanne (UK), Isola Paula (AR), Laserbean (UK), Lindblom Paula (SE), Marcenaro Francesca (IT/UK), Martinez Rita (CR/IT), McLean Robyn (UK), Mikiko Minewaki (JP), Mongelli Maria Rosa (AR), Perrone Louise (CA), Quintelier Jelka (UK), Romano Wanda (IT), Swing Kit (UK), Uniqeco (FI ), Usel Iulie (UK), Valencia Stella (CR), Vinci Monica (IT), Violante Iolanda (IT), Woo Seo Jeong (KR), Zucchi Melania (IT)

Associazione Nurò
Associazione Nurò, born in Verona in January 2013, aims to be a driving force in order to promote an
intensive cultural exchange between artists of different nationalities and to allow the general public to accost the interesting world of contemporary jewelry. In its mission hopes collaborations with public and private institutions.

Nunzia De Feo

After having studied goldsmith techniques and improving her knowledge of art and designer jewelry
in different European cities (London, Padova, Salzburg and Vicenza), the artist jewelry designer and
maker Nunzia De Feo created the NDF bijoux brand in 2011 ( Forever fascinated by colors and unusual materials she has always maintained a preference for craftsmanship, innovation and creativity. In 2013, together with other founders, she founded associazione Nurò for which she has curated several exhibitions and workshops on contemporary jewelry.

Haywood, J., 2009. Mixed-media Jewellery: Methods and Techniques (Design and Make). London:

Nunzia De Feo
Translation: Alessandra Gates
Via Filippini, n12
37121 Verona

Info: Nunzia De Feo
Tel. 0039 333 7443972

Tutti i giorni orario continuato: 9.30 – 19.00
Intero: € 12,00
Ridotto: € 10,00 ragazzi tra i 13 e i 18 anni,
over 60, gruppi superiori alle 25 persone, preregistrazioni
sul sito della ma-nifestazione e

depliant promozionali.

Ridotto: € 9,00 possessori di carta Famila ed

Emisfero. Una tessera vale per l’ingresso di una persona.
Ingresso gratuito: bambini tra gli 0 e i 12 anni (compresi), disabili e relativi

I will be a part of this coming up exhibition, please have a look and if you are close, visit it!

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

now some of my wishes will come true...

I got this ribbon from Bahia, Brazil when I was at the workshop in Ravenstein, Then Netherlands in August and today the ribbon broken and the wishes will come true...  I´m superstition so I believe that some great things will happen. I cross my fingers for my wishes.

a weekend with two of my freinds...

Café Hängmattan... in my hoods.

This weekend I have meet two of my friends, it felt like a long time since the last time I saw them, but as I think, friends are like stars, you know they are out there somewhere but you don´t  always see them.  For me it´s important to keep in touch and have small talks over a coffee or a walk... Saturday it was a regular fika in one of my café places in my hoods and today I took a walk in one of my favorite areas close to my hoods, the Klippan and Röda Sten area. We ended up on the amazing steamboat café where the Santa's  still stay... It´s nice to have time to catch up.

fir blossom..


me, then and then...


Sigge then and now...

This is my parents cat Sigge, a Mainecoon, 4 years old...

Sunday, January 19, 2014

work in progress...

A collaboration with the performance artist Benedikte Esperi...

a glint...


snow, sun and seals...

The first absolutely amazing and beautiful winter day here in Gothenburg!

I took a walk between my bead working day, it was amazing, it was perfectly cold, just around -2 degrees and sun. It was lovely to see all the people that join this beautiful winter day and all the children, it felt like people get happy about a day like this... I stopped by at the seals in Slottsskogen, even they was playful today and did some jumping performance when we was looking.

This is the kind of winter days I want to have, but it´s not common with snow in Gothenburg and it´s also very easy that it gets a mess of the snow because of the mild weather here.