Friday, October 31, 2008

Paula Lindblom...

Just to have something to do… this is wool and textile brooches.

Just go with the flow, see what’s coming up… No idea from the beginning… adding lines, shapes and so on.

I like to work like this, to see what’s coming up; the material or the technique is quite fast, so you don’t get stocked into it, it’s just to work further… May be I can use it for something else in the end?!

Eun Mi Chun...

Agnieszka Parzęcka...


Żaneta Kowalska...


Inkyoung Hwang...

Inkyoung Hwang


And at…

Richard Mackness...

A bench in concrete, I like this soft shape and to know that it’s made out of concrete makes it more interesting, I think.

Urbis Design formger moderna möbler och krukor i avancerat betong.
Möblernas former är rena och förenar staden och lanskapet. De passar väl in i både trädgårdar och på takterrasser, samt i hotell och lounger.Bänken Shell är inspirerad av formen på ett snäckskal. Den finns i naturvitt eller betongfärgat. Bänken kan användas både inom – och utomhus. Den är formgiven av Richard Mackness.

Urbis Design skapades i New York men är idag baserat i London.


Sander Bokkinga...

Relax Chair

Stolen är tillverkad av gamla och nya vattenslangar och kan användas både inom – och utomhus. Förvånansvärt nog kan vatten fortfarande rinna genom slangarna. bok består av formgivaren Sander Bokkinga, född i Nederländerna och aktiv som formgivare och artikekt sedan 1997.
Han är idag baserad i Rotterdam där även alla produkter tillverkas.
bok tillverkar alla produkter själva och arbetar ständigt med att ta fram ny design.

Sander Bokkinga creating all his furniture’s by him self, this are may out of water hose.

I love this idea very much, and the floor lamp I really could have in my home, with out problem… He had also done a lot of other interesting and twisted furniture’s, look at this website.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ruudt Peters...

Professor Ruudt Peters. Photo: Tobias Alm

gold, polyester
73 x 46 x 30 mm
When I saw this, I was hooked at Ruudt Peters jewelleries. I like this very much, even if I from the start don´t know what it was, but it touched me…

Piece: Lingam 2008
Mixed media

In south-east Asia phallus has an opener meaning than only sex. The penis is worshiped in temples as fertility symbol. For example in Thailand men are wearing penis talismans inside their pants as devotion to fertility. The series “Lingam” is worn as jewelry on the height of the genitals.
Ruudt Peters

Regula Maria Müller and Ruudt Peters
Galerie Phoebus
Eendrachtsweg 61
NL 3012 LG - Rotterdam
Piece: Lingam 2008
Mixed media
Ruudt Peters
Born 1950 in August 17th, born at Naaldwijk, the Netherlands

"If you grasp at things desirously the beauty retreats"
augustinus of hippo

Jane Marie Ovanin...

Trine Wilkens from Denmark…

Trine Wilkens


Sabine Lang...

Sabine Lang
Collar Filmsy Bubbles, 2007
Metacrilat i fil de nilón

What a light and beautiful feeling!


Look at…

from alea galeria...

Hester Zagt
Collar Zeeuws, 2006
Plata i perles

Karla Schabert
Collar Verbindung #1, 2007
Fil teixit, boles de vidre i imans

Cinta SalaCollar Desitjo, 2007
Plata, llavors, paper i branques

Vitalis KubachCollar Memento, 2007
Còdol, plata i fil d'acer


El Vendrell pipes from Montserrat...

Thank you, thank you Montserrat!

I’m so glad and grateful for the pipe from other people around the world.

I love the pipe guy at the beach!!! It’s so me!
Love the beach, love the sun and love the ocean...

Hi Paula!

Yesterday we went to El Vendrell, it is a village 150 km from Girona were I was born.

On the beach I found some curious pipes for you, the other one is from the centre of the village.

With my best wishes for you! With love and thoughts, Montserrat

a deny...

This was a part in a stage party…
In the newspaper today, it was a deny…
Poor guy, every one thought he was totally lost.

this amazing people!

This amazing people!

I’m sorry that this is in Swedish; it’s so cute, so artful, so true and also so comic….
I can’t translate it.

I have paint or “blow” the image at the top, I thought it symbolised the short lyrics very well.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

this is also a way of looking at the surroundings…

Having fun with a litter bin and Photoshop a late evening…

so strange and notably...

This was so strange and notably… Look at the wedding photo in the right corner… a lonely man with a book, and the text says; I got married.

In the other photos and texts it’s two persons who have married each other, WE got married.

I found this in the daily GP, Göteborgs Postens announce page…
For me this is very strange and my fantasies run miles away from my head…
- Why this photo? Where is the bride? Is she sick, ugly or???
- Why portrait with a book…

I can come up with many strange things why, but in the same time I want to have the true, why???

same, same...

Martin Mc Faul had some pipe guys in his cell phone… A nice photo I think, to take a photo of a photo… a media into another…

morning pipes…

at the top of the roof in the forest…