Friday, July 3, 2009

I wish all my friends and visitors a really, really nice summer!

Now I take a holiday break and will be back at track and the blog in August!

I wish you ALL a very special summer and I wish that everything that you want should happen.

Take care and enjoy life!

With love and thoughts Paula.


Today my friend Sara celebrates her 30 anniversary.
I was there and helping her a little with preparing for picnic later on this day, unlucky I had a terrible headache so I had to drop the picnic party.
But I celebrate her and by this blog post I do it once again; Hipp, Hipp Hurra!!!

The two photos in the end is a friend of Sara, also named Sara and her two children…

the summer is safe!

And the final result.
My friend Sara Nangemo helps me with this dress, I bought the fabric and she sew it for me. Soooooooooo pleased!


New shoes too…

Seraphine de senlis...

Seraphine de senlis

I just saw the film Seraphine by Martin Prevost last night with my neighbour Charlotte.

An amazing film, every square was a masterpiece, so good to just “run away” into another time and another artist life. I warmly recommend this film!
I’m so glad that I get the opportunity and time to see it.


gall stone and pipe guys...

Yesterday I was to the hospital to do an ultrasound to see if I had some gall stone…
I had, I can tell…
But it was only one, and now I know why my stomach has been strange some times.

On my way home I catch some pipe guys… so here you have the last pipe guys before my holiday time.

my last day at work before holiday…

Sometimes Sweden is so fantastic and so beautiful that you almost got a religious feeling…
This day was a little bite like a “Hallelujah moment”.

The people I work with have 3 days in this place and I was with them the first day, at the 1st of July.
I couldn’t have a better end of this spring work… so amazing and the water was so good, I even swim in the lake when we arrived.