Friday, June 26, 2009

Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding...

Såhär beskriver Charlotte själv några tankar om sitt arbete med smycken:

"Jag önskar att utmana den gängse uppfattningen om olika företeelser och utmanar både mig själv och andra till att tänka efter och ta ställning. Smycken är utmärkta för att uppnå detta. Smycket är starkt knutet till sin bärare och det kräver en hel del för att våga bära ett av mina smycken.
Jag vill att mina smycken ska vara något annat än passiva statussymboler, och istället fungera som aktiva uttryck för ställningstagande, förvirring och frustration.
Jag arbetar huvudsakligen med unikat eller små serier om mellan 5-10 st.
Jag ser inte originalitet i sig som ett mål utan målet är att bruka originalitet som ett medel till att kommunicera."

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Joseph Jackson August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

Michael Joseph Jackson August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

I was never a big fan about Michael Jackson, but I admire his energy and also he’s creativity. Even if I don’t was a big fan, I think it’s pity that he past away and in some how I want to honor one of our worlds biggest stars ever… Therefore I add this post to my blog today.

I like the Jackson five when I was little and I remember that I thought that Michael Jackson at that time was very very cute.

water taps turns to a moose...

With active fantasy you can turn water taps into a moose (älg in Swedish).
Agree with the moose though and image!

I think its fun when “other” thing shows up, when you don’t expect things to show up…

It’s only the imagination who is the limit.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Julia Turner...

Julia Turner

Just look at this pretty hand crafted jewelry made out of wood by Julia Turner, from San Francisco. Turner's impressive body of work has been shown at galleries and museums throughout the U.S. and Europe.

The Cluster Pendant is made from wood, stain, linen and steel.

Estelle Brooch is made from wood, 18k gold, glass and head pins.

Text and photo from;

Evert Nijland...

Evert Nijland

These pieces I really, really like and this jewellery artist is absolutely “new” for me… I found him when I was looking for some other jewellery… one thing leads to another and that’s good.

dreams are for free… or?!

Two”objects” made for the human body…
I like this kind of ideas, to play with the idea of the body and shapes, lines etc.

Photograph Laurent Auxietre has taking some amazing ethno pics, visit the website by yourself and look what’s there.

May be not so practical, but you can see what it is and that I think is what’s counts, or?!
With your imagination you know that this is some kind of flip flop shoes… brilliant to walk on green grass the whole days long, even if it’s just and only in your imagination, BUT imagination can take you far away…
Unlucky I don’t know the artist of the art piece; flip flops…


The both photos are from;

reconsidering identity...

Warwick Freeman
Lisa Walker

Reconsidering identity – seminar about New Zeeland jewellery art at;
Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg 19/9 2009.

Warwick Freeman a famous New Zeeland jewellery artist , Lisa Walker jewellery artist and Damian Skinner art critic and curator…will be at Röhsska museum and talk about there country and art.

Warwick Freeman was born in Nelson 1953. Largely self-taught, he took up jewellery-making in Perth, Australia, in 1972, following two years of travel. Returning to New Zealand in 1973, Warwick initially established a workshop in Nelson before moving to Auckland in 1975. After a brief stint as a manufacturing jeweller he first joined Lapis, a co-operative jewellery workshop, in 1977, and a year later became a partner in Fingers. Warwick regularly exhibits in New Zealand and Australia, as well as in Europe and the USA. His works are held in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney; Auckland Museum; the Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt; the Danner Stiftung, Munich; the Helen Drutt Collection, Philadelphia; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; and Te Papa, Museum of New Zealand, Wellington. His international standing was recognised recently by the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation, based at the Stedelijk Museum, who named him their 2002 Laureate.

Here you can find a lot of interesting jewellery art :

Reconsidering identity – a seminar on New Zealand contemporary jewellery

New Zealand is a distant and exciting country with a vital arts scene. This seminar gives a unique opportunity to get to know New Zealand contemporary jewellery through the perspectives of three leading authorities in the field.

Saturday September 19, 2009
Venue: the Röhsska Museum, Vasagatan 37-39, Gothenburg, Sweden


11.00 Registration and coffee
11.30 Opening words
11.45 Liesbeth den Besten: ”Kiwi Tactics: Conquering the World from an Isolated Position”
12.45 Lunch buffet
14.00 Warwick Freeman: "Two-Headed Dogs: Making a Place for Making"
15.00 Fruit break
15.15 Lisa Walker: ”Sometimes: A Retrospective Look at Works from 1992-2009”
16.15 Closing words

17.00 Reception at Warwick Freeman exhibition, Galleri Hnoss, Konstepidemin

18.00 Evening party at Konstepidemin

The seminar is arranged jointly by the School of Design and Crafts at University of Gothenburg, Galleri Hnoss, the Röhsska Museum, and Paletten art magazine, with the support of Göteborgs Slöjdförening, Estrids Ericsons stiftelse, Iaspis (International Artists’ Studio Program in Sweden), and the City of Gothenburg.
Organising committee: Karin Johansson, Love Jönsson and Mona Wallström.

Seminar language is English.

Seminar fee is 150 SEK, including morning coffee, vegetarian lunch buffet from the Röhsska Museum café and a fruit in the afternoon break.

Advance booking required. Submit your binding registration by sending an e-mail with your full contact details to
The fee is collected upon arrival.

The Röhss Museum is situated just off the Avenyn, "Valand" being the nearest bus and tram stop. Buses: 18, 42, and 58. Trams: 3, 4, 5, 7, 10.

Presentation of the lecturers:

Liesbeth den Besten, Amsterdam, is a Dutch critic, curator, and lecturer, internationally renowned for her expertise in contemporary jewellery. She is the chairwoman of the Françoise van den Bosch Foundation for contemporary jewellery and a founding member of Think Tank: a European Initiative for the Applied Arts.

Warwick Freeman, Auckland, NZ, has been a practicing jeweller for more than 30 years. His work is characterized by the simplicity of symbol-like shapes and the use of indigenous materials. Continuously investigating the links between material, form, tradition, and social significance in jewellery he is today New Zealand’s most internationally acclaimed artist in his field.

Lisa Walker, Munich, received training as a jeweller at Otago Polytechnic, NZ, and der Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Munich. By altering and combining artefacts, found natural objects, rubbish, and precious materials, she makes highly personal pieces of jewellery, often shocking in their rejection of conventional aesthetics.


Now it June and soon it’s November 2009…

Iris Eichenberg
Terhi Tolvanen
Ute Eitzenhöfer

KORU3 Exhibition, Imatra art museum, 9. - 28.11.2009

KORU 3 exhibition participants were selected by Marie-José van den Hout, director of the Marzee gallery from The Netherlands, Eija Mustonen, principal lecturer, Saimaa University for Applied Sciences and Antonio Altarriba, coordinator for design of the Arts Council of Southeast Finland acting as secretary of the jury.
KORU3 exhibition organised an open call addressed to artists living and working in countries around the Baltic Sea (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia).
The jury studied carefully over 1700 images from 145 entries projected anonymously on a screen and finally selected 46 artists for the exhibition.
Kirsten Bak, Mette Klarskov, Per Suntum, Kaori Juzu, Annette Dam.
Kaire Rannik, Ketli Tiitsar, Kristi Paap, Kristiina Laurits, Eve Margus-Villems, Maria Valdma, Berit Teeäär (photography)
Sari Liimatta, Helena Lehtinen, Maria Vuorinen, Nelli Tanner, Anna Rikkinen, Tarja Tuupanen, Maria Nuutinen.
Karin Seufert, Iris Bodemer, Susan Pietzsch, Constanze Schreiber, Ute Eitzenhöfer, Tabea Reulecke, Stefan Heuser, Karen Pontoppidan, Antje Stolz, Christine Matthias, Jutta Kallfelz, Valentina Seidal (photography)
Anna Fanigina
Ugne Blazyte, Egle Cejauskaite, Jurgita Erminaite
Ingrid Nilsen, Nanna Melland, Sigurd Bronger
Aneta Marcinkiewicz; Malgorzata Kalinska
Paula Lindblom, Sofia Björkman, Mirjam Norinder, Auli Laitinen, Mona Wallström, Karin Johansson

2. - 5.11.2009
Workshop leaders
-Iris Eichenberg, Granbrook Academy of Arts, USA,
-Ute Eitzenhöfer, Fachochschule Trier, Idar-Oberstein, Germany
-Terhi Tolvanen, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,
To apply to a workshop you have to fill an on-line application. To each workshop will be selected 10-15 participants.

I have apply in this order and hope to get my first choose, would be interesting to participant in a group who is running by Iris Eichenberg.

1) Iris Eichenberg
3) Ute Eitzenhöfer I couldn’t find any website of Ute…

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rie Taniguchi...

Rie Taniguchi


Ito Hirotoshi...

Ito Hirotoshi

Ito Hirotoshi’s stone sculptures are meant to delight and amuse. His well-practiced carving skills get a workout combining everyday, mundane items in new and unusual ways to create sculptures that demand a second look. If you laugh, if you reach out to touch with a youthful giggle or squeal, if you walk away smiling and uplifted by his clever interpretation, then his work is done.

Text and photos from the amazing (for me new found) site;

Monday, June 22, 2009

finally the summer is here (again!)…

Just for the moment it isn’t so much jewellery making from my side of the world, as you can see here at my blog; NO jewellery from me…

I working at the Kulturlabbet 50% (with photo), but I do it for 100% in my mind, so… after I have done this work, who is a temporary post till the end of September (so far) I will put a lot of more energy on my own stuff later on, but now also the summer come in my way, and that’s a good way I think, I LOVE the summer.

I have ideas and I working a little with my own jewellery, but I have nothing to show yet…

the beginning and the end...

I got these two pics from my friend Agneta, she took them in the beginning and in the end of our Midsummer celebration…

Today it’s my name day here in Sweden.

Paulina, Paula
Måndag 22 juni v 26

In Swedish;

Kvinnonamnet Paula är en feminin form av Paulus och betydelsen är 'den lilla' eller 'den ringa'. Se även Paulina. Namnet har använts i Sverige sedan 1700-talet.

Paula var ett ganska vanligt namn fram till mitten av 1990-talet. Numera ligger namnet på en plats mellan 150 och 200 på topplistan. Den 31 december 2007 fanns det totalt 5 702 kvinnor i Sverige med namnet Paula, varav 3 521 med det som tilltalsnamn/förstanamn.

Det fanns även 2 män med namnet, varav 1 hade det som tilltalsnamn/förstanamn.
År 2003 fick 60 flickor namnet, varav 230 fick det som tilltalsnamn.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Annie Cattrell...

Annie Cattrell (glass lungs)

Annie Cattrell
describes herself as 'a runner between worlds', between science and art. her work deals with
the fleeting and ephemeral, those things that are normally invisible to the human eye
- a breath inside a human lung or cloud formation on a particular day. she will be showing
'ranges', which captures in glass a whole spectrum of human facial expressions from neutral
indifference to laughter and anger.


Text and photo from designboom

Jan Dunning...

Jan Dunning

works with a pinhole camera, offering an unsettling, enigmatic perspective on the
'natural' world. her work exploits the ambiguous and transformational perspective of
the pinhole photograph to present confrontations between fiction and reality, the possible
and impossible, the natural and unnatural.


Text and photo from designboom

Kate Street...

'fucking roaches III' by Kate Street 2009

Kate Street
uses language and well-known stock phrases as a starting point for her sculptural works
that strike a balance between the theatrical and the absurd, the romantic and the deathly.
she is creating two new works for the show, one of which 'bird in the hand' explores
our need to compare our achievements with others', to dissect and analyse, in the search
for the root of what makes us happy.

Text and photo from designboom

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Midsummer and the day after...

Yesterday the19th of June it was Midsummer evening here in Sweden.

I celebrate the Midsummer with my friends, Agneta, Sören and Charlotte in my home.
The idea with midsummer is to be outdoors in a nice summer dress, picking seven different kinds of wild flowers and put them under your pillow and dream about the one you will married…. The weather (in fantasy) will be warm and sunny, an easy life at nice summer mead … But that almost never happened that we have warm and sunny weather this day, it is cold and almost rain in the air, every year…

We had a traditional herring dinner with Swedish fresh potatoes (the new once for the year), smoked salmon, sour cream (gräddfil) and chives… a lot of good schnapps, and bear and wine… for dessert we had Swedish strawberries and wiped cream with dark chocolate with chilli in it… Soooooooooo good!

We played Boggle and have a really fun and pleasure evening with a lot of schnapps songs etc.


Here are some photos from today, the day after…
I have been really tired today, but absolutely in a good way.