Friday, April 25, 2008

Mien Wong...

Mien Wong
Dried orange sewn, 2007
Not making much progress. Still fumbling, making small things and lost in the head. Thinking of cradles, vessels and wrapping self.

Paula Lindblom 2003.
When I saw Mien Wongs dried orange object, I get the feeling of my own brooch made of felt and glue + tread.
I think the both objects have the same feeling…

Mari Ishikawa...

Necklace: EN II 2001Silver 935, Japanese Kozo paper900 mm long.

MARI ISHIKAWA Jewellery artist from Japan/Germany

At gallery Hnoss in Gothenburg
26 april–18 maj 2008.

Paula Lindblom...

Avocado peel, bookmarks and small glass beads…

Susan Sarantos...

Susan Sarantos - Studio Jeweler Susan Sarantos - Contemporary Jewelry Designers, Goldsmiths and Metalsmithing

“Created by studio jeweler Susan Sarantos in 1999 Metalcyberspace is a labor of love.My intention is a one stop info site for research about contemporary jewelry designers, metal artists and the metalsmithing field. After years of networking people together from different groups in the past, I realized once I got online that the internet was the perfect venue for what I had always dreamed.I have an archive in my studio of over 500 binders (and growing) with information on anything jewelry related which I have collected over the past twenty years. Books, magazines and catalogues also take up a huge section of my space. My file collection is sorted into categories which is the basis for this web structure.I've been inspired by many people and would like to mention a few”.

Text from the metalcyberspace site.

The metal cyber space is a really good and interesting site with a lot of jewellery artist from all around the world!
It’s a great idea to offer us, the jewellery artist and designers a space in the metal cyber space.

Nora Fok...

Nora Fok

“Nora works at home in Hove. She use no mechanical equipment, all her work is carried out by hand processes, with only basic tools.”


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Marie Asbjørnsen...

Marie Asbjørnsen.

“The first years I worked with jewellery, I mainly used silver as material in my work. But some years ago, while I was studying at The National Collage of Art and Design in Norway, I saw an exhibition of toys, made by children from all over the world, where everything was made out of colourful garbage. These objects impressed me and inspired me so much, that I decided to start working with recycled materials myself.
During the last years, I have travelled to South Africa, Namibia and Mali, to dig deeper into cultures where recycling is a necessity and a common way of thinking. I have been looking for all kinds of things made out of waste; toys, jewellery, sculptures, furniture and shelters.
The creativity and the strong will of looking for possibilities rather than despair, has made a strong impression on me. Being back in Norway, I have tried to learn from what I have seen, about turning trash into treasure.
My jewellery, which earlier would be made out of valuable materials, are now made out of colourful daily waste”.

Text from the on-line project;

Photo; Sigurd Bronger.

Mi-MI Moscow, Mila Kalnitskaya & Micha Maslennikov...

Mi-MI Moscow, Mila Kalnitskaya & Micha Maslennikov.

The mix between fantasy and technique.

Project “ FROG CAN FLY ” refers to people, frogs being only actors.
DE I: Why frogs?
Mi-Mi: Because they are small and light. Can you imagine a Scooby Doo ring for example? Of course you can, but don’t break your finger… If you find a real dog set in place of a stone. But a frog is an actor of a small chamber genre. One cannot find a better main character for this role in nature if one wants to develop the theme “A piece of art as a living substance” None of the fixing locks in the project are made of rubber and their size is between 3 and 5 centimeters in the waist. Strict! ... As on a podium. What can one do?- c’est la vie. It is impossible to fit into somebody else’s shoes.
DE I: What principle was used to select an actor for the role?
Mi-Mi: The only principle: talent and desire to work. Not all the applicants passed the audition. And,… there were so many of them. Some could not stand the intense schedule, some failed because of personal reasons, Others thought it was mere “talk-show” … But the results of selection produced real Stars. Frogs same as people may possess Star quality and Virtuosity. It wasn’t necessary to force them to do special or unnatural movements. What was most difficult... to wait for a "Revelation" on their side and not to interfere with this process. Everybody is gifted in many different ways, and frogs are not an exception. Some open slowly and thoughtfully, like Confucius, Others inflame instantly, like Eddy Chlorophyll, But the truth is they cool down the very next moment. Eddy is a natural born comedian. Eddy is the one and only frog who can so selflessly put his paws on his tummy and smile with such charm. Nobody taught him, he just knew how, he was capable and used it with grace. He did 2 full days of shooting in the project and then he left. Afterwards he used to come quite often but ...only as a spectator. Confucius is unequivocally a Shakespearian character. He is superb in tragic roles. If the project could continue, he would make a remarkable King Lear. But, on September 21st all Moscow frogs go to sleep till spring. There's nothing to be done about it.
DE I: We hope nobody was hurt?
Mi-Mi: On the contrary, everybody ended up happy. Siberian Postman and Fly of Destiny now live at our place. They stopped being interested in mosquitoes and now eat delicious African cockroaches with tremendous appetite. They became fat and look contented. “Freedom and Will” issues are of no relevance at the moment. At nights they lose themselves singing duets…
Interview / “Desillusionist” magazine / 2006 Translation by Lyan In Su & Steven Brayshaw.

010 - ring: “Eddy Chlorophyll” (fragment) 2005
011 - ring: “Ikarus, Flight from Eden” (version) 2005
014 - ring: “Siberian postman” 2005

The jump of frog symbolizes thirst of flying.As genetic magic dream, about that far time,when frogs were the ANGELS.

Felieke van der Leest...

Felieke van der Leest

An amazing jewellery artist all categories is Felieke van der Leest…
I think she is so good and interesting and it’s hard to not like her twist in her lovely jewelleries.

David Grass...

David Grass.
I don’t know what’s touching me with this objects, but the going strait to my heart and I love them, I want them…

I try to figure it out, way I like/love it… I think it’s a mixed between the D.I.Y movement in a really, really good and obvious way, I think I like/love the idea of simply materials as cardboard paper, and finally the humour which they are made of.

So if some one wants to give me some gift one day, I really, really what one of David Grass objects, the box lamp most of all!

Sang Won Sung...

This dragonfly is a typical example at interesting “wolperdinger” in an artificial way.

Sang Won Sung


photos that show the inspiration sources…

Here is the ground for my way of working… illustrated with photos that show the inspiration sources…
I think it’s interesting to mix things together, not so obvious things and do “new” objects, jewelleries… create some kind of new context.

First of all you need an open mind, then its fantasy and then you need having courage to mix and been curios of what’s coming up.

Pippi Longstocking is my inspiration source of that everything is possible, if you got the fantasy and the strength to follow your own way.

Wolperdinger is some kind of concrete way of knowing that you can add things and that it becomes some thing new and interesting, some thing that you recognize in one way and some
another way you aren’t so sure.

Everyday life materials transformed into art and design are also a source of big inspiration.
I like the idea of add another value at material; I think that’s a big and interesting challenge.

Pippi Longstocking created by Astrid Lindgren.

Wolperdinger from Germany and Sweden.
Skadern are from my hometown, Sunsdvall in the North of Sweden, at the east coast.

Things made out of garbage’s, photos from my trip to South Africa, the Cape Town 2005.
In an easy way create “new” everyday life objects out of trash; it’s a fantastic, fantasy idea!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Janina Kurp...

Small crochet Silver thread Mobile /pink plastic detail

Crochet Silver thread Mobile/ copper details

Crochet Silver thread basketdetail
Janina Kurp is originally a painter who changed focus to the metal arts. She studied at the University of Design and Crafts, in her hometown Gothenburg, Sweden. Janina has studied painting, sculpture and graphic arts in two different art schools for four years. She later went back to the University in Gothenburg and studied metal art for six years , where she also obtained her Master of Fine arts. She is born in Gothenburg, Sweden to a Polish father and Swedish mother.

Ms. Kurp developed the traditional jewelry art later to a completely free, creative form with different metal threads. The forms have grown into a kind of organic cell division. These cells become a nest of glass pearls for a bird of fantasy, or a soft pillow to the tired head. Elegant and casual the metal threads reach out to each together, to the observer and also to another world. The jewelry is still there as a part of her creative life, but unexpected forms
Janina finds her inspirations in nature and alsoin ancient jewelry from the Celts and the Egyptians.

Small crochet Silver thread Mobile /pink plastic detail

Crochet Silver thread Mobile/ copper details

Crochet Silver thread basketdetail

Joanne Haywood...

Joanne Haywood from UK.

Marta Miguel...

Marta Miguel from Barcelona, Spain.

Rachel and Benoit Convers...

Design; Rachel and Benoit Convers from France.

It’s something special about using animals in the art and design world, I nearly almost love things that had animals in/on it… I also used animal left over from flea markets, I think that’s a big inspiration source and also very “funny”… the mixed between the message and the animal could be so humoristic but at the same time very serious…
And like in this case; nice decorative. The nature in close ups.

Jennifer Collier...

Letter Shoes made out of old letters and card18x18x18 cm approx

Map Shoes made by vintage maps and cardThese can be done to commission using a map of your choice.18x18x18 cm approx
Jennifer Collier from UK.

Letter Shoes made out of old letters and card
18x18x18 cm approx

Map Shoes made by vintage maps and card
These can be done to commission using a map of your choice.
18x18x18 cm approx

When I was in London last summer (2007) I saw these amazing, interesting good looking paper shoes in a gallery, I thought that it was (is) an interesting idea to do clothes of paper, but that not the only material Jennifer Collier use, she also use dried apple and other fruit stuff from the everyday life.. Fantastic!
All this shoes and dresses and so on are for sale at her website.

One of the best recycling art and design blog I have found at the internet, like it very much and I visit this site as often I got the time... Just to get inspiration and also get happy over other peoples creativity… It’s amazing what people can come up with, using recycling material as every day life’s garbage’s!

Jason deCaires Taylor...

New underwater sculptures installed in Canterbury, Kent

Jason deCaires Taylor

Latest News

Underwater sculptures entitled Alluvia by artist Jason deCaires Taylor placed along the River Stour on Saturday 12thApril.
Visit website for details:

Set in the historic city of Canterbury, in association with Canterbury City Council, Alluvia is an installation consisting of two female figures, cast in cement and recycled glass resin. Positioned within sight of the Westgate Bridge and its adjoining gardens, the underwater sculptures lie along the river flow, submerged and fixed to the bed of the river Stour. At night the works will be internally illuminated.

The title Alluvia relates to the alluvial deposits of sand left by the rise and fall of the rivers water levels. The Stour cuts through Canterbury, informing what could be described as a division between the past and present, between the old and the new city. The two contrasting and individual figures made from essentially the same material silica, aim to highlight and document this passage of time.

The work draws reference to Sir John Everett Millais’s celebrated painting Ophelia (1851-1852). The pose of the figures and the materials used respond to the flow of water along the river and to the refracted colours of its fauna and substrate. As the surface tension and volume of water changes through the seasons, and the effects of light alter through the day, so what is seen of the sculptures will change. This constant fluctuation is intended to stimulate dialogue, to challenge the concept of memory, and question how images and ideas are constructed from fragments of information presented to us. It is also hoped that the work will encourage viewers to return to the site and evaluate the altering experiences.

Materials: Cement, Glass resin, recycled bottle glass, Size: 2 x 2100mm x 640mm x 350mm.

two really, really bold once…

Two (or three) pipe guys from Barcelona… I have a good collector and documenter down there and that I’m so grateful for.
Thank you Dario for holding me with nice pipes from the Barcelona area!
Two really, really bold once… I think they are the biggest so far…


What can I say, sometimes an image says more than 1000 words, and in this case I need four pics to show you a dead pipe guy…

first it’s just branches with wonderful white flowers...

Magnolia the most beautiful flower at spring I think and I think that it’s so majestic that the flowers comes first and then the leaf on this amazing tree, first it’s just branches with wonderful white flowers.

thank you, thank you for all the lovely words!!!

Today I was checking my exhibition, to see what’s happen there since two weeks ago…
I had sold one more brooch, to an art club here in Gothenburg. So happy for that!

I also read all the nice words that the visitors had write to me about the jewelleries/photos and I’m so grateful for it, it was a lot of nice word, words that told me that “you” like what “you” saw and that “you” get happy about my things.
I think my mission is complete.
If I have fun when I’m working with my jewelleries and feel curios about the way I work, then I’m happy and really, really satisfied that others, YOU, can see and feel it too!
Thank you, thank you for all the lovely words!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the last week of my solo exhibition...

At Saturday 26th of April is the last day to see my solo exhibition at gallery Kaustik at Kastellgatan 19 in Gothenburg.