Saturday, November 30, 2013

konstepidemins jul...

Karl Hallberg

A great Christmas market at Konstepidemin, one of my favorite places in Gothenburg... I like the artist that work there, they are open minded, friendly and have a very very hospitably.
The atmosphere is creative!
This Saturday was a sunny and clear and cold day and I meet a lot of nice colleges, catch up in a easy way and get inspired about their way of working, acting and thinking. I got a lot of new energy...

Me and my friend Susanne visit Kerstin Åsling-Sundberg in her studio, I have to say that she do a lot of great and amazing button work!

Karin Östberg and Kerstin Sarvimäki has their workshop open even this Christmas and it´s always nice and cozy to have a cup glögg there and look at all their nice ceramics.

Gill Marshall - Méreus studio and her neckpieces in rubber...
We also look at 3 short films at Grindstugan, it was interesting films, films that have been showed at the Swedish television some years ago.

Susann and I meet two really lovely ladies, they walk around in the area with lovely Swedish landscapes costumes, we talk to them and they told a lot of the tradition and why it look as it looks, very very interesting and it´s easy to see that we "Swedish once" aren´t so far from Roman and Muslim traditions, in this outfit it isn´t allowed to show the hair and it is lay on layer of fabrics in the costumes... My thoughts goes to the populist party we have here in Sweden that miss a lot with their wishes about a Swedish Sweden... They need to educate and look around and see the whole perspective, to turn the binoculars into the "right" way, look wider.
And finally we end up with a fika at the nice and amazing place, Blå huset. The owner are so cute and great in all the ways you can thought about!

Thank you for having this open day and Merry Christmas and good luck to all of you!