Thursday, November 28, 2013

mooms teatern - mannen utan riktning...

Scanned from the program..

In an old supermarket, a great idea to show a play in this kind of spaces. I love it!

My friends Sabina and Josefin...

A great play!!! IF you have the opportunity to see it, do it!

These was an amazing evening and the theatre was soooooooooo great! It makes my year, this was one of my two highlights of art expressions this year, first the Yoko Ono exhibition at Louisiana museum in Denmark and now this amazing act by Mooms teatern.

It was so many great effects that newer ends, it was a great way to use the space and the quality raise above everything. Thank you for an lovely play!
I will absolutely see it once again when it comes to Gothenburg next year, can´t wait!


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