Sunday, November 17, 2013


At my to do list for 2014:

A weekend in Berlin for inspiration and fun.

A week in Istanbul, lecturing and maybe some collaboration with a college...

Exhibition and collaboration with a performance artist in Gothenburg.

Hopefully find a place aboard to show my new jewellery stuff that I´m working o right now (November 2013).

2013 has been a very shitty year except from some few nice high lights, I have been visit friends in different parts of Sweden, I am still in a going around exhibition; the coolest corner, I was one of the participants in Ruudt Peters workshop in the Netherlands, I have got new friends and the summer has been amazing and that has also the autumn been, I have seen some great exhibitions and I got a scholarship… I hope that 2014 will give me more and give me creed for my jewellery work...

2013 aren´t over yet but I longing for a new year an new start in so many ways… but why wait when I can start now?!

I like to see my life in half years periods; I think that the New Year is a new starting point, a great opportunity to view forward.

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