Sunday, November 3, 2013

a day trip...

Today I was invited by a friend to take a day trip to the Nordic aquarelle museum in Skärhamn. The rain pouring down when we leaved Gothenburg but as closer we get to Skärhamn the weather gets better and better, it was wind and a little bite dramatic when you look at the water, but it was fresh and lovely windy I think.

I like the museum a lot, it´s always nice exhibitions and the showrooms are light and big and well used. The restaurant and café Vatten is also a great spot in the house.

And off course, it´s always nice to go to the sea and the countryside and the “bäst kusten” part.

22.9 2013 - 16.2 2014


Entering the pictorial world of Martin Jacobson is like stepping into the shades of a magic forest, the traditional folklore site of dangers and adventures or – at times – of escape and refuge. In fairy tales this setting is sometimes peopled by weird animals and plants, by trolls and elves and other curious creatures, but it is not these that we meet in the exhibition Excursions. On the contrary, here we find ourselves travelling through an imaginary landscape where every clearing, lake and tree trunk whispers its secrets.
Martin Jacobson was born in Stockholm in 1978 where he lives and works. All the works on show here have been created specifically for this exhibition and are displayed for the first time.

22.9 2013 - 16.2 2014


A good illustrated children’s picture book consists of a magical merging of image and text, functioning together to tell a story. For more than six years now the Nordic Watercolour Museum has worked in a range of ways to explore the potential of pictorial story-telling, and this autumn 2013 we are presenting our fourth exhibition on this theme. In the exhibition The picture book in new guises twelve creators of illustrated story books, all from the Nordic countries, will be displaying original illustrations from books most of which were published in the past year and some so new that they have not yet reached the

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