Friday, November 15, 2013

glass beadwork from Kosovo...

I got these bead works from a friend that is born in Kosovo and going back there to visit his relatives…The maker is Gjevrije Goligi and I got this as a gift because of my bead interesting. I´m happy for these pieces and I will study and learn how the added beads and maybe some day I could use the ideas and techniques in my work. You never know what you can have used for.

I ´m fascinated by all kind of local bead work and I like the idea that people all over the world are creative and use beads to create and build things, to do beauties  in there every day life. Some of the things I don´t understand about this small glass beads are how they get spread all over the world and that more or less poor people use them for amazing art pieces. When I went to South Africa 2005 I was sure that the glass beads was made in Africa, because I have seen so many art work made by colorful galls beds, but NO the beads are from Asia from the beginning. How can people living in small poor areas find and start use glass beads in their work?! I haven’t t come up with the answer yet and I am very very curious about this. If you look around in different parts of the world you can find bead work made by Inuit’s at Greenland, Indians in South America, in India and other Asian countries… in Sweden and in fact all parts of the world more or less.

The technology for glass beadmaking is among the oldes human arts, dating back 3,000 years.

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