Monday, January 28, 2013


  Sunday a fika time with a very important friend, a nice time with small talks and nice
  coffee at café Marmelad a snow and grey day.

  I saw a tea glass looking at me in the end of the fika time… strange and funny.

the first pipe guys of the year...

A chained up pipe guy…

Two pipe guys that have been out on a party… or?

finally, the Christmas is over!

Could it be clearer than this?!

on my walk...


on my walk...


on my walk...

  Cp doll, I like this doll in one way and unlike it in another, I like the idea more than the

on my walk...


ja varför behöver vi konst?!

Vita Björn... Majorna...

"Om en miljard kronor
skulle läggas på
skulle svenska
folket bli en
miljard kronor

Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth!



Here I´m standing looking at you and you maybe not see it…



  GIFF now the Gothenburg International Film Festival is here… I have no plans to joy the
  festival, but it´s hard to not be involved in it, it’s a big event and I´m happy for it, I think
  the grey January and February get a nice light color as a result of the GIFF.
  The city or Järntorget and the area around are blossom right now.

  Photo at distance, Järntorget Saturday.

  Someone has placed two film chairs in a little grove or public park close to the inner city,
  I like the idea and the image when I see it from the tram every morning when I go to
  work… It looks like a calm place in the city.

Les Miserables...

Friday made my weekend; I have always had some kind of wired passion to Les Miserables and now the film are here.
It was amazing and I had all the great songs in my head the whole weekend.

text from the coolest corner, Nordic Jeweller...

       From the book; From the coolest corner, Nordic Jewellery ,
 Widar Halén (ed.) Arnolsche, Nasionalmuseet

 Existing and non-existing boundaries by Päivi Ruutiainen

 “A everyday object in a recyclable material, such as the plastic hip flask by Paula
 Lindblom, is made just a precious as a gold piece. The focus on materials has been
 replaced by a focus on ideas.

 When comparing art jewellery from different countries, we often look for defining national
 traits. In the Nordic cultures we find that many overarching elements find similarities
 in their themes. Nature is traditionally considered a significant theme, animals and plants
 especially. The relation to the untamed and indigenous nature has from time to time
 Indisputably become somewhat ironic. For instance, Paula Lindblom´s  jewellery is a
 statement on ecological matters. The array of varied themes in art jewellery is
 fascinating: the political has become personal statements which can be small and daily
 themes, but we also witness bigger and large themes living parallel to them. These
 themes can be intertextual and can comment on matters related to society or art. In this
 way the emphasis on jewellery´s capability to communicate contents to the viewer has been increasingly underlined.”

 Here  you can read more about the coolest corner…

Monday, January 21, 2013

heja heja...

Jag är grymt imponerad av dessa två konstnärer Karin Jonsson och Magdalena Nordin som med knappa medel protesterar (eller visar på) för allas vår räkning. Heja heja!!!

Karin Jonsson

Magdalena Nordin

Paula Lindblom at the coolest corner - Nordic Jewellery 2013.

Today I took a walk in a light snowy weather to pick up my catalogue from the coolest corner- Nordic jewellery exhibition; Mona Wallström had been nice and takes it with here on her trip to Oslo this opening weekend.

Love Jönsson had added a great text to my jewellery and that I´m very very grateful for.

Ingjerd Hanevold...

I also got a lovely catalogue from Ingjerd Hanevold, Thank you Ingjerd!

It was a lot of great jewellery and inspiration images, I´m glad that I got it, I like Ingjerds way of being a jewellery artist and person, she is one of the once that I believe could be wake up in the middle of the night and tell you what jewellery are…

KLINK and friends present - The Black of Night.

And finally I also got a envelope from gallery Klink in Oslo, a galleria I didn´t know about before, but I know some of the artist that show their pieces there, so one again this day was like a kinder egg, three surprises in one.

The drab about the 2 cards from galleria Klink is that you don´t know whom who has done what… I had been happy if the name of the artist was connected to the images. But this is something that often happens in “our” world, we suppose to know who the artist is.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

to cook is also a way of being artistic…

I got the question from my 12 year old niece Tova; can you cook?!
Yes I can… here is the proof.

Cod stew á la Paula

400 g Cod

Coco’s milk

2 Onions

3 Carrots

½ Red chili

1 cans Sweet corn

Ca 1, 5 dl Green soya beans

Salt, white pepper, sambal olec, olive oil

Served with rice.

Smaklig måltid!

I´m not a user of recipes, I almost always create my own food the way I think I will have it…

I´m a fishetarian so I like to cook fish in different ways and I´m happy to live close to the ocean and the fish country side so to speak.

As the famous chef from Sweden Cajsa Warg said; man tager vad man haver…Use what you have. I think that is a good way of cooking, it´s more fun and also very creative way of cooking and almost always I success I can tell.

Or the true that she never used that expression

Tradition has attributed the saying man tager vad man haver ("use what you have") to Warg, though there are no accounts of her having used this expression. Although this precise words has became strongly associated with her, the saying is not mentioned in her book. The words Man tager, om man så hava can ("Use, if it is in your possession"), with a similar meaning, is however mentioned a couple of times.

And you can also find another recipes of my at Lisa Lubins site.

orange peeler...

This is a plastic thing that I like in this orange time… a great invention. I use it every time I peel an orange.
Sometimes simplicity is the best.

orange juice by hand...

This is an invention that is a little more suspect I think, the idea was may be a great idea but the function is not so good, this product some of my relatives sold in the 1960, you drill the plastic into the orange and the you squish it and the orange juice will end up under the cap… This will not happen I can tell.

These days I use this product as a talk about and as you have a guess it isn’t goods for anything, more than just a talk about.

an enamel spoon from Medelpad…

A Christmas flea market finding… a spoon from my part of Sweden, just 2 Skr.





once again... a way of working...

Some new ideas begin to grow… I have started “once again” to needle felt and now I will do bird brooches… to see what’s come up… my idea is 10 birds at the beginning.
A small series.

Here is the first one and the second once that on its way… 

sometimes the breezily ways are good enough…

Friday eve… The coolest corner – Nordic jewellery exhibition starts in Oslo and I am not there… I had a micro party with a friend in my small kitchen, not so glamorous at all, but very cozy, very nice and a very very funny evening.

I believe that I’m a simple and uncomplicated person, I´m not dependent on nice surfaces; I like simplicity and big hearts among friends, which is enough, it´s okay eating directly from the box…

Uprightness and attendance is things that I appreciate a lot and this evening was in that sign, with a truly friend that I care a lot about and that I felt is a good person in every way you want a friend to be.

I hope that the opening in Copenhagen in June will be great and that I have the opportunity to be there and be a part, look forward to meet colleges and go to Copenhagen, I like Copenhagen a lot and it will be great to go there once again in the beginning of the summer.

The Danish Design Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark,  28 June - 15 September 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The coolest corner - Nordic jewellery...

19 January - 21 April 2013
28 June - 15 September 2013
29 November 2013 - 12 January 2014
7 March - 11 May 2014
31 May - 21 September 2014
March 2015

The exhibition will be shown in:
  • The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo, Norway
  • The Danish Design Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • The Design Museum, Helsinki, Finland
  • The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, Tallinn, Estonia
  • The Röhsska Museum of Art and Design, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Galerie Handwerk , München, Germany during 'Schmuck' 2015 


The following 61 artists have been invited to participate in the exhibition:

Denmark: Annette Dam, Marie-Louise Kristensen, Kaori Juzu, Josephine Winther, Julie Bach and Thorkild Thøgersen

Finland: Ami Avellán, Aino Favén , Clarice Finell, Janne Hirvonen, Sirja Knaapi, Mervi Kurvinen, Mirja Marsch, Anna Rikkinen, Janna Syvänoja and Monica Wickström

Iceland: Hulda B. Ágústsdóttir, Ástþór & Kjartan for Orr, Hildur Ýr Jónsdóttir and Helga Ragnhildur Mogensen

Norway: Liv Blåvarp, Sigurd Bronger, Linnea Calder, Lillan Eliassen, Elise Hatlø, Anne Léger, Anna Talbot and Gunnhild Tjåland

Sweden: Tobias Alm, Beatrice Brovia, Nicolas Cheng, Åsa Elmstam, Daniela Hedman, Hanna Hedman, Karin Johansson, Jenny Klemming, Agnieszka Knap, Agnes Larsson, Kajsa Lindberg , Paula Lindblom, Åsa Lockner, Märta Mattsson, Lena Olson, Lina Peterson, Annika Pettersson, Margareth Sandström, Sanna Svedestedt, Anna Unsgaard, Peter de Wit, Sara Borgegård Älgå and Annika Åkerfelt

Guests of Honour

The jury decided to invite jewellers who had and are still having a great impact on the artistic development of the jewellery scene in their country.

Denmark: Kim Buck
Finland: Helena Lehtinen
Norway: Konrad Mehus
Sweden: Tore Svendson
Estonia: Kadri Mälk

Estonia: Julia Maria Künnap, Maarja Niinemägi, Kristi Paap, Anna-Marie Saar and Tanel Veenre

Monday, January 14, 2013

I love you too...

Today I got a lovely mail by my lovely niece Tova, she had write me a letter and made me a necklace at school. This make me happy!

Tova has some idea to become as me, a jeweler artist and I think she´s on her way… Nice when I can inspire someone to made jewelry, that´s great!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

weep baby weep…

Karin Jonsson my artist hero (and friend) and I hope she will be a  hero for many more, we need this kind of artist that help us all, to highlight the problem in a very very clear way of doing it, could it be clearer with a locked door and someone weeping behind it?! 
First you felt empathy and want to give moral or emotional strength to the one and then you get frustrated and irritated over the one that never stops weeping.

I have to say that this is the best art right now, an artist that places the finger right on the weak spot of being an artist these days.

It´s hard and it cost a lot, money, time and engagement and what do we get for it??? Nada if the politician decides and they do.

GRATTIS GRATTIS GRATTIS Karin you nailed it!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

ställtid - breathing time...

Right now in the middle of January I have some kind of ställtid - breathing time, to get my ideas and my time in order, to rest in something that will come up in the end. I thinking and thinking, looking and searching get inspired and just are in the moment… As an artist, if you don´t have a dead line to catch, you never knows how long time you need for your breathing time, at least I don´t know, I just know that this time is very valuable and that it´s a necessary time to have before you start working practical. This is time that is hard to explain for people out of the artist area, it looks like I´m doing nothing and in the same time this is the time I doing the mostly work, the preparing time before the practical time, when I start work practical I know more or less for sure what I am doing and why.

I read an interview with the author Paulo Coelho and he said that the last book took about 64 year and 5 months to think over and 3 week to add on paper.

faces in my home…