Sunday, January 13, 2013

weep baby weep…

Karin Jonsson my artist hero (and friend) and I hope she will be a  hero for many more, we need this kind of artist that help us all, to highlight the problem in a very very clear way of doing it, could it be clearer with a locked door and someone weeping behind it?! 
First you felt empathy and want to give moral or emotional strength to the one and then you get frustrated and irritated over the one that never stops weeping.

I have to say that this is the best art right now, an artist that places the finger right on the weak spot of being an artist these days.

It´s hard and it cost a lot, money, time and engagement and what do we get for it??? Nada if the politician decides and they do.

GRATTIS GRATTIS GRATTIS Karin you nailed it!

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U T said...

Thank U lovely Paula!