Saturday, January 12, 2013

maybe I can want people to think twice before they come up with clever ideas…

I always read the Metro when I take the tram to work… I like to see what people write in the free word column. This Friday a man had write about that he thought that the buses could drive even if they are a little bite broken; he thought that we easily change/swap things even if they still are function… So long I agree, I believe that we easily change or swap things before they are totally broken, but then the punch line come; if the buses are broken and don´t looks so well, you can always invited a street artist to remade and freshen up for free. That is just lines that I hate, or ideas that I hate, I think the idea is great in one way, but WHY should an artist do it for free??? I can´t understand that point of view.
 WHY WHY the common people and citizens believe that artist will and has the opportunity to work for free???

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