Sunday, January 20, 2013

to cook is also a way of being artistic…

I got the question from my 12 year old niece Tova; can you cook?!
Yes I can… here is the proof.

Cod stew á la Paula

400 g Cod

Coco’s milk

2 Onions

3 Carrots

½ Red chili

1 cans Sweet corn

Ca 1, 5 dl Green soya beans

Salt, white pepper, sambal olec, olive oil

Served with rice.

Smaklig måltid!

I´m not a user of recipes, I almost always create my own food the way I think I will have it…

I´m a fishetarian so I like to cook fish in different ways and I´m happy to live close to the ocean and the fish country side so to speak.

As the famous chef from Sweden Cajsa Warg said; man tager vad man haver…Use what you have. I think that is a good way of cooking, it´s more fun and also very creative way of cooking and almost always I success I can tell.

Or the true that she never used that expression

Tradition has attributed the saying man tager vad man haver ("use what you have") to Warg, though there are no accounts of her having used this expression. Although this precise words has became strongly associated with her, the saying is not mentioned in her book. The words Man tager, om man så hava can ("Use, if it is in your possession"), with a similar meaning, is however mentioned a couple of times.

And you can also find another recipes of my at Lisa Lubins site.

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