Monday, January 28, 2013

text from the coolest corner, Nordic Jeweller...

       From the book; From the coolest corner, Nordic Jewellery ,
 Widar Halén (ed.) Arnolsche, Nasionalmuseet

 Existing and non-existing boundaries by Päivi Ruutiainen

 “A everyday object in a recyclable material, such as the plastic hip flask by Paula
 Lindblom, is made just a precious as a gold piece. The focus on materials has been
 replaced by a focus on ideas.

 When comparing art jewellery from different countries, we often look for defining national
 traits. In the Nordic cultures we find that many overarching elements find similarities
 in their themes. Nature is traditionally considered a significant theme, animals and plants
 especially. The relation to the untamed and indigenous nature has from time to time
 Indisputably become somewhat ironic. For instance, Paula Lindblom´s  jewellery is a
 statement on ecological matters. The array of varied themes in art jewellery is
 fascinating: the political has become personal statements which can be small and daily
 themes, but we also witness bigger and large themes living parallel to them. These
 themes can be intertextual and can comment on matters related to society or art. In this
 way the emphasis on jewellery´s capability to communicate contents to the viewer has been increasingly underlined.”

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