Monday, January 7, 2013


I don´t think this is okay…but maybe it´s an industrialized country problem, we should be grateful that we have train…

SJ, what to say about SJ???

I can say that the politics that decide how the railway needed to been run haven´t use the railway in many many years (I just guess, but IF they needed to use the train I can imagine that they do as it function, they have the power to change) … I think it´s more exception then regulation that the train goes as you want. At the 21 of December I was 6 hours late. I ended my trip at midnight, 1.30 in Sundsvall, my family had wait for me the whole day and for myself I want to get there instead of being trapped at a train and have to stand up from Gävle to Hudiksvall in an overfilled train.

May be I need to take the flight next time, because now the cup is overfilled for my part, you can´t trust SJ and you don´t get the money back and even if you get some of the ticket money back, they can´t pay for the hours you loose with you family or whatever you are going to do.

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