Monday, January 7, 2013

on my parent’s walls…

Long time ago… this year its 10 years since I ended up at HDK with a Master of Fine Art. 
It was 30 years and more then I started to paint… I started to paint with oil when I was 14-16 years old; here you can see some of my beginning paintings. 
Some I have done at evening courses, some in my parent’s kitchen at the time I was living there and some I have done at the art school KV art school here in Gothenburg.

I got my oil color from my grandfather who had paint as a hobbyist long time before me, I also later on got his camera so I could start taking photos, I have always been encourage to do what I´m up to for the moment. First of all I got a Halda type machine from my parents so I could learn to typewrite all my poems at that time.

2013 is some kind of celebratory year, first to start painting as a teenager and then my HDK examination 2003.

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