Saturday, January 12, 2013

ställtid - breathing time...

Right now in the middle of January I have some kind of ställtid - breathing time, to get my ideas and my time in order, to rest in something that will come up in the end. I thinking and thinking, looking and searching get inspired and just are in the moment… As an artist, if you don´t have a dead line to catch, you never knows how long time you need for your breathing time, at least I don´t know, I just know that this time is very valuable and that it´s a necessary time to have before you start working practical. This is time that is hard to explain for people out of the artist area, it looks like I´m doing nothing and in the same time this is the time I doing the mostly work, the preparing time before the practical time, when I start work practical I know more or less for sure what I am doing and why.

I read an interview with the author Paulo Coelho and he said that the last book took about 64 year and 5 months to think over and 3 week to add on paper.

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