Monday, October 20, 2014

loooong time ago...

 Ryan air have a post about one of my jewllery pieces this summer...

It has been a very long time since I add some post at my blog, it has been a lot of reasons why I´m not have done that.

I have my doubts, I wonder if I need refresh my blog, change the way the blog looks and what I will continue fill it with... Or will I drop it, use my time "better"?! But in some way I like to control and add things to my blog, things that is important for me, things that happens in my life, things that impact my art life and so on... I like that I am the one that do the choose, that I don´t need to go by someone else to show, explain or just being... I think I need time to figure out how I will go from here and further.

Maybe it´s not interesting at all what I am doing in between?! I have to think about it too.
I hope that I will have time and energy to catch up and add some "old" images from the time since my last post.

One of all the reasons had been that I had have hard time at my bread and butter work the last years, that has reflect on my energy a lot. I have been tired and I have lost focus and I have been light depressed. I have been and are happy for my life outside the bread and butter work, my family and my friend have been and still are my great supports in my ever day life and their care it has kept me on my feet's.

BUT, even if has been hard time at some level, I have done and experience a lot of nice and good and positive things since the Easter...

I have been to interesting speeches arrange  by the Röhsska museum here in Gothenburg, one speech that I like as many others, because it was crowded. Was the speech about the Högbergs brothers, their life and their work as gold and silver smiths here in Gothenburg. They have been a big inspiration source form me when I started working with silver smiting and they was also very innovative in their way of working. Anette and Marie are Anders Högbergs successor, so you can still enjoy Anders Högbergs design and off course new pieces developed by Anette and Marie. You find them a Aschebergsgatan 28 
411 33 Göteborg .

I have been to Istanbul, Turkey for lecturing about my own art. I was at two places doing my lecturing. First I was in a workshop one evening, a very nice moment and I think and hope that I give the one who was listing some new ideas and inspiration.
The second lecturing was at the Plato school for a class of design student.

It was very nice, I was a little bit afraid that the student didn't have the interest to hear about jewellery making and my way of working and thinking, but they was really interesting and had a lot of interesting questions for me.

At the same time in Istanbul I hang around and was a guest in my dear friend Asli Kuris place, she is and was a perfect host! We had a great time and I hope to see both her and Istanbul again!!!

I have always longing going to Turkey, I had a wish for it for a very long time, I don´t know why but it has been a dream and this year it had the opportunity to go there twice! My sister invited me this summer to go with her and her children, Alvin and Tova to the holiday resort Side. So in hot summer week we took the airplane and landed in an even hotter place then Sweden was this summer and spend a week in the Mediterranean with all inclusive in a nice hotel about 150 meter to the crowded beach. A nice week!

I am one in The coolest corner exhibition, still going around in the world or in the Nordic countries any way, this summer it come to Gothenburg and the Röhsska museum, first I had my chance to be seen in a whole page in the Göteborgs Posten. All light on me!

Then I was one of the once that was at the press release at Röhsska,

And finally I was Acquired by the Röhsska museum they bought both my jewellery pieces!
I have been a part of the new adventures in jewellery too...

I was exhibit some of my earlier work at Kvarnbyns culture night in Mölndal;
05/09 - 07/09
Det var en gång...

Artist: Paula Lindblom

It was an experience that I could have or been without.
I was also a participant at the new adventure in jewellery seminar that was at HDK,

New Adventures in Jewellery

This international two-day seminar took place in Gothenburg 19-20th of September 2014. The idea of the seminar was to explore how art jewellery can benefit from adopting new working methods and engage with other fields in the arts. The aim was also to address the issue of globalisation and give example of practices and strategies in jewellery emerging from places other than the cities and schools connected to the field’s historical avant-garde.

The keynote speakers from Europe, South and North America, Japan and New Zealand gave insights to the current jewellery scenes across the globe. The keynote lectures were also accompanied by a number of shorter presentations by speakers selected through an open call process. 

Over 130 people attended the seminar which took place at HDK - School of Design and Craft. A summary of the seminar will be presented here shortly.

I have parallel with all this working and still work in a coproduction with the contemporary performative artist Benedikte Esperi, we are working with a project UNDA UASTUS, a cross disciplinary art form. If you are interesting about it, have a closer look at;

Today the 20th of October my dad celebrate his 70´s anniversary!!! 
I´m not there with him, instead I´m in Gothenburg thinking of him! Wish him a great day and all luck in the world! Hip Hip hurray!!! I love you!

Hopefully it would not be so long till next post are added at this blog.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Pareidoli är ett psykologiskt fenomen där en person anser sig uppfatta ett fenomen eller föremål utifrån vaga eller slumpmässiga stimuli. Vanligt förekommande exempel på pareidoli är att en person ser ansikten i föremål, moln eller andra bilder eller anser sig uppfatta dolda budskap på skivor som spelas baklänges.
Ordet kommer från grekiskans para (παρά, "vid sidan av", "istället för") som i denna kontext avser något felaktigt och eidōlon(εἴδωλον "bild", "form", "skepnad").

This is something that I "have", I see faces all around me, every day at the tram, in the city in my home at work and so on and I have to say that I think life get a little bite more interesting and funny when I use my imagination and see this faces, I like to play with the thought and I also taking photos of all the faces, as I think many others also do, it something fascinate about this that we can see or recognize faces were they shouldn't be, I think, even if it´s our brains that play with us and looking for patterns... I don´t see the faces as some kind of hidden secret message, I just see the faces and feel happy that I can use my imagination to do it.

Gothenburg Thursday - Eriksberg...


Jorunn Veiteberg at Röhsska museum...

Varmt välkommen till Röhsska museet föreläsningar våren 2014! 

Gunnebo, Le Corbusier, Thorild Wulff och H&M finns bland ämnena för vårens föreläsningsprogram. Vi smygstartar också programmet kring den stora sommarutställningen From the Coolest Corner: Nordic Jewellery med två samtal kring smyckekonst i april. 

På grund av ombyggnad av museets hörsal äger föredragen rum i en tillfällig föreläsningssal i den inre delen av Brolidhallen. Det är ingen extra entré till föredragen, utan den vanliga årsbiljetten till Göteborgs museer à 40 kr gäller som entré även till föredragen. Observera att antalet platser är begränsat. 

Tisdag 1 april kl 18.00 
Jorunn Veiteberg – Om samlandet av smycken 
Norska Jorunn Veiteberg är en ledande röst inom skandinavisk och internationell konsthantverksteori och gästprofessor vid Högskolan för design och konsthantverk vid Göteborgs universitet. Samtida smycken är ett av hennes specialområden, och parallellt med att skriva, forska och göra utställningar om smycken har hon byggt upp en omfattande privat samling. Här berättar hon för första gången om sin smyckesamling och om hur hon använder smycken som kommunikationsmedel, i ett samtal med Röhsska museets intendent Love Jönsson.   

Tisdag 22 april kl 18.00 
Bröderna Högberg – modernistiska silversmeder i Göteborg 
Anders och Sven-Erik Högberg, bördiga från Askersund, etablerade på 1950-talet en gemensam guld- och silversmedja i Göteborg och kom under de följande decennierna att bygga upp en stor kundkrets för sina ofta geometriskt betonade smycken. Deras arbete presenteras och diskuteras denna kväll av Röhsska museets Malin Högberg samt silversmederna Anette Rydén och Marie Magnusson. Ta gärna med egna Högbergsmycken och dela dina minnen! Arrangeras i samarbete med Röhsska museets vänförening. 

I listen to Jorunn Veitebergs speech about her privet jewellery box collection and it was a great speech I think, it´s always nice and interesting to get new angle or dive into some others jewellery world. When you are a part of this jewellery world you know more or less "all" the artist/colleges and that is very exiting think, to recognize and see "new" pieces, new angles by artists... and hear anecdotes about how she got or collect/buy/swap the jewellery she choose d to show...
It´s also very nice to say hallo to colleges that was there taking part too. To hear what's going on in their art world and so on, small talk about where we stand in our art ship right now... and so on.
This evening result in a swap between me and Märta Mattsson! I am and have been since the first day I saw Märtas pieces a big fan of her amazing, positive crazy pieces, she is sooooooooooo great!

Jorunn Vieteberg

indoor blossom...

Happy color and shapes...

city lit... Try new thing this spring, where London learns...

Here  is one of my jewellery pieces represented in the catalogue City lit in UK, it is my college and friend that write the article. I´m very pleased to be represented there.

I got two catalogues last Friday  by mail from UK, thanks!

This necklace are in New Zealand these days. Own by Tatjana Panyoczki.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Earth Hour...

I think this is a small thing to do for the earth, so I will light off this evening.

Earth Hour 2014 is scheduled for Saturday, March 29, from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. during participants' local time.


My candy store of artistic material are moving after 44 years at the same place. I like this store very much, it´s nice prices and the had a lot of artistic material and the staff are very very helpful.  From April they will be in the other direction of the city... I´m happy they don´t close forever, just swifting place.


Yesterday morning the ice cream shop is placed in the inner city of Gothenburg, soon the summer is here but definitely the spring has arrived.

Yesterday evening when I cross the city it was an explosion of people, hanging in every sunny corner and in the streets and squares of Gothenburg. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

an amazing morning!!!

This was a morning when Gothenburg showed itself from its best side.

farfalle tedesche...

What has this to do with jewellery art?! Nothing in one way but in another is it some kind of art anyway... food art may be?! I´m impressed of the stripes in this pasta, how could it be so straight stripes??? I got this pasta from my neighbors after a trip to Italy.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

from the coolest corner 8/3-11/5 2014...



spring light - mercilessly light...




Klippan - Lindholmen, down by the river...

Yesterday a trip by the river to act of goodness at Backa Teater.

Backa teater play; act of goodness, it was a great play I think, it was many questions I took with me when I leave the theater, why do we help, why do we give??? Is it always a secret motive?! Or can you give without want something back?!
I believe that sometimes we give with a secret motive but mostly we give for feeling better and that could in itself be a secret motive but in a act of goodness.

Sometimes in my life I have heard; why are you giving or not giving?! Both the folding rate with some kind of suspiciousness that is some kind of secret motives behind my or others act.

In my own way of giving I believe that I have a pay of guilt to my grandparents, that get help to survive and escape from Germany and the second world war... At the same way that some once that help my grandfather without getting something back, I have to help as much as I can these days even if it is with a smile, a coin or some cloths or what else it could be that I can offer for another person living side by side with me...