Friday, April 23, 2010

Sally Hayden Gilmore...

Sally Hayden Gilmore

Beautiful objects!!! I love the shapes, the colours and the lightness… I want them all!

1) Cast unryu paper, acrylic paint/medium, embossing beads, polymer clay, flock, hand felted wool

2) Cast unryu paper, polymer clay and gouache on 300lb wc paper

3) Cast Unryu paper, acrylic medium, acrylic paint, sequins, polymer clay, glass beads, flock, tissue paper.

4) Cast paper with acrylic medium, embossing marbles, and hand felted wool.

Onas or selk’nam , Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia…

I got the photo at the top from Montserrat, she and her husband Agusti has been in the area of Onas in Argentina some years ago… I get fascinated by the image that I saw in her house in Catalonia and look it up at the internet, a fascinated and sad story in the end, these days no one of the Onas are alive…

When I was younger I was fascinated about the Indian culture, the shamanism and the occult magic… I think that I still have some kind of believe, that the nature is with us, that we have to take care of our heritages, that the old spirits also are a part of our life and that you can see and feel the wing beat from older days. I believe if you have an open mind for the things around you, you will have a great life in the end…

These photos are really interesting in a lots of ways, first of all it’s body adornments and that’s what I’m working with, even if I don’t work with body paint or tattoos, I making jewellery in a contemporary traditions… but my ideas is from primitive people, to take care of and use nature and the material we have in our surroundings for making beautifulness… to decorate the body and to show different statements or status in the society, to tell a new stories or to add power in “useless” materials…

Text and photos from internet,
The Onas, whose name translates to “Man of the North” in the indigenous language Yámana, were a pre-Columbian indigenous group which inhabited Tierra del Fuego. The group arrived to the region an estimated 7,000 years ago when the island was still connected to the mainland. The Onas were a hunter-gatherer society which depended on guanaco as its principal source of food. Although they lived in a coastal area, they did not partake in sailing. The Onas relied on the leadership of a group of elders, but otherwise were a communal society without greater social stratification.

Harriete Estel Berman...

Showing her jewellery at object fetish spring show.

She is a member of crafthaus, as I also am…

Here you can buy Harrietes jewellery

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Joanne Haywood...

"Object Fetish Gallery, online, presents “New Spring Show, by Harriete Estel Berman, Joanne Haywood, and Polly Wales”. Three accomplished and dynamic artists create new work for our Spring online exhibition."

Birgit Laken...

I got this photo from Birgit by e-mail, it’s from the Hnoss exhibition here in Gothenburg, this lovely jewellery are much better then the photo I took of this piece and I really really love this heart bean with the small hands…

Birgit and I shared some material info by e-mail. I like to connection by e-mail, it’s a fast lovely way to get info and keep in contact with old and new friends.

Barbara Uderzo...

I meet Barbara Uderzo from Italy at gallery Klimt02 when I was there with my friend and college Montserrat under my trip to Barcelona this Easter.
A great meeting… Now I can show some of the interesting and colourful and playful jewellery that Barbara has created, I get them by e-mail some day a go…

Dear Barbara I hope we will meet again or have contact… Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your work with me and let me use them for my blog.

Dear Montserrat and Paula,
i'm happy to meet you in barcelona :-)
i'm sending some images of my artworks ...

3 rings : Barbara Uderzo, BLOB RINGS, rings -foto a.collini

1 ring : Barbara Uderzo, BLOB RING, ring -foto a.collini

1 spilla : Barbara Uderzo, BLOB, brooch -foto s.maraboli

Barbara Uderzo, BIJOUX-CHOCOLAT, necklece, chocolate, pure gold foil

Barbara Uderzo, ONDINA INFINITA, necklece, silver ...and my cat :-)

ciao ciao :-)

konstrunda / art turn in Majorna 24-26 April...

Konstrunda / Art turn in Majorna 24-26 April.
Art turn there you can have a directly meeting with artist and artist-craftsman in Majorna area…

41 artist and artist-craftsman show their work painting, graphic arts, ceramics, glass, textile and silver.

They open up their studios, workshops and working places for everyone who is interesting to see how they work… a very nice event that started 1999.


41 konstnärer och konsthantverkare visar måleri, grafik, skulptur, keramik, glas, textil och silver.

Konstrundan i Majorna bildades hösten -99. Syftet var att samordna professionella konstnärer och konsthantverkare som bor
och/eller har sin verksamhet i stadsdelen Majorna i Göteborg, till en gemensam presentation av den rika konstnärliga verksamhet
som pågår här.

Majorna är den konstnärstätaste stadsdelen i Göteborg. En gång om året öppnar konstnärerna i Majorna sina ateljéer och verkstäder
för allmänheten. Under tre dagar ges besökare tillfälle att ta del av det intensiva skapande som pågår och resultatet av det. Ett rikt kulturutbud ger en levande stadsdel

Ateljéerna har öppet:
Lördag 12–17
Söndag 12–17
Måndag 16–20

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Karin Johansson...

galerie sofie lachaert gent
spring 2010
23 april - 29 may
zwartezustersstraat 20 gent belgium
thu fri sa 11am-6pm
closed 13 14 15 may

Sunday, April 18, 2010

my soul or my memories are still somewhere in the air between Spain and Sweden...

I got this photo from Dario Rumbo a friend of mine these days, he took it in Girona this Easter and send it by mail to me yesterday… This is one of the ways I’m document my journeys, to write dairy, the other way is to take a lot of photos.

I had as I written before in my blog, a really great time during my time in Spain.
Right now I can’t say that I have landed after the trip, it was so many nice views, so many nice and interesting meetings and soon, that I have to melt and get some structure at, before I do my choose and post some of all the photos that I have taking.

I heard from a friend when we was talking about to catch up, to be in “harmony” with the experience that you have taking part of, he told me that he had heard a story about and Indian who was sitting at the airport and waiting for he’s soul to catch up with him. That’s my feeling right now, my soul or my memories are still somewhere in the air between Spain and Sweden, even if my body is here already.

Take a Walk on the Gray Area...

To know what’s going on at the jewellery scene right now; take a look at this site

This is a blog where 40 artists and jewellery makers from Latin American and Europe carry out a dialogue about global mobility, identities and contemporary jewellery. The dialogue will result in an exhibition to be presented in Mexico City, April 2010.

To know more on this project, read the introductory essay Take a Walk on the Gray Area.
To see the project in action, click on the couple’s names at the right column of the blog to visit the couple’s individual dialogues. Visitors are fee to comment or make questions to the artists and moderator. All topics are open to respectful and responsible discussions.

Being this a global project, we are glad to see that this blog is being widely spread through the world. Please, let others know about us. And do not forget to click on our growing Cluster Map, at the bottom of the couples’ column on the right side of this page. You will be able to see where our visitors come from!

I’m a part of this jewellery scene, even if I’m not there to enjoy it this time…
Right now I ´m follow it from distance, by the amazing cyber space… I like this kind of project and I hope one day get invited to participant by myself.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Walking the Gray Area...

Today is the opening exhibition "Walking the Gray Area" at Emilia Cohen gallery with the work of artists who, since last September, have been engaged in dialogue about mobility, identities and contemporary jewelry. We have been following them on the Walking the Gray Area blog.
Also more information on Klimt02.

Artists / Artistes
Miguel Luciano (Puerto Rico) & Leonor Hipolito (Portugal), Ketli Tiitsar (Estonia) & Chequita Nahar (Surinam), Karin Seufert (Germany) & María Constanza Ochoa (Colombia), Célio Braga (Brazil) & Gemma Draper (Spain). Carla Castaigo (Portugal) & Valentina Rosenthal (Chile), Francisca Kweitel (Argentina) & Nelli Tanner (Finland), Maria Jose Fabrega (Costa Rica) & Agnieszka Knap (Poland), Andrea Wagner (Netherlands) & Carolina Hornauer (Chile), Susanne Klemm (Netherlands) & Samantha Fung (Venezuela), Jorge Manilla (Mexico) & Christoph Zellweger (Switzerland), Luzia Vogt (Switzerland) & Thelma Aviani (Brazil), Terhi Tolvanen (Finland) & Guigui Kohon (Argentina), Helena Biermann Angel (Colombia) & Hanna Hedman (Sweden), Mia Maljojoki (Germany) & Alejandra Solar (Mexico), Mirla Fernandes (Brazil) & Kajsa Lindberg (Sweden), Dani Soter (Brazil) & Sebastian Buescher (UK), Ineke Heerkens (Netherlands) & Julieta Odio (Costa Rica), Walka Studio (Chile) & Natalie Luder (Switzerland), Eduardo Graue (Mexico) & Peter Hoogeboom (Netherlands), Jantje Fleischhut (Netherlands) & Andres Fonseca (Colombia).



8 international hot jewellery artist exhibit at they oven home ground

22 APRIL - 22 MAJ 2010


22 April - 22 May 2010

If you want to understand our time, it's a good idea to consider the human attributes and see what people wear on the body - or what the jewellery artists would like to see there. Jewellery belongs to the human body. Humans wore jewellery before she got dressed and we know that the Neanderthal's were intelligent because they used jewellery, and therefore could see the world in symbols. Jewellery refers to human and spiritual topics, are often small in size but takes place in the greater man's emotional world. If we ask people what they would bring if it caught fire, we often hear - jewellery.

In the exhibition we will find jewellery that is on the borders and at same time breaking them. Artists move across land borders, challenging conventions about what is wearable, questions the standards of what is called authentic and use materials and techniques not usually associated with jewellery. We will find advanced technical solutions, materials handling odd and historical references.

Among the works we will find materials stretched beyond recognition as Agnes Larsson's laboratory with powdered charcoal, which she transforms into glittering slate and Rut-Malin Barklund's stone looked like necklaces of black mdf. Helena Lindholm's jewellery offers a salt crystals glittering expression. Sofia Björkman digitizes previous work and allows 3-D print them in other scales and colors. Sara Borgegård made the architectural jewels in which the body may form a landscape fund, and Johanna Persson draws against most forms of art, with her large neck collars in textile and glass. In the exhibition we also see work by Jenny Edlund and Annika Pettersson.

yesterday, spring sign, wooden anemone on my cycle ride back from work.…

May be it could seems like small things to add at the blog (I have post smaller things, I believe), but this is a typical thing that is between, a small thing who is important, a small thing given by nature and makes me happy, and happiness and good energy makes it easier to create, to feel good and be a better person, so for me all this nice small signs is important for my daily life and for my creativity.

I love when the smell of spring time reach my nose and when the wood anemone stand in the wood and shine as small innocent once.

Gothenburg turns into a fair-ground…

You have to look really close to this photo, but if you do, you will see a Ferris wheel...
I took the photo at my way home from work yesterday, and it was a little bite to far from the main attraction.

Now Gothenburg has got a new view, yesterday they more or less finish the wheel; the Ferris wheels that the politic person has decided will stand in the harbour and be a tourist attraction for at least two years.
I’m not a positive follower of this; I think it’s a stupid idea that cost a lot of money and not a very original once either, this is my biggest objections.
If I was a political in this town I had go for the originality, to take care of what we have who could stand out a little for other towns in Sweden and all around the world, to add money to the huge flee market at Kviberg, not to get it hotter, just to make people know that it’s there by advertising, doing better parking places out there, to make sure that the people who has started it and today work there could continued with it… The other thing is to add Röda Sten and Klippan and Gullbergsvass, drömmarnas kaj / the dream of landing on the map as untouched places there people can be creative in their own way, areas that can uses for pick nicks, for walking, for concerts, for market and so on…
One of my biggest dream about Sweden and Gothenburg would be that the once who runs this country and town, started to believe in the citizens power and energy to do good thing in their own surroundings. These days Gothenburg has done a lot of in my eyes, crazy things as; Gotheburg city have zero tolerance of graffiti paint (stupid idea!), it kill the creativity and the city turn into some clean area there you can’t see the citizen’s ideas and art. It is not aloud to be street musicians is also one of the crazy ideas they had come up with ( I don’t know if it’s still forbidden… but last summer they added small yellow squares that musicians could stand in for some hours a day). Sometimes the tram company is a loud to do massive attacks to the trams, just to catch people how goes by tram for free, a really bad thing to be into, it creates a lot of stress and it’s a big same for the country like Sweden to use this kind of methods I think.
Sometimes I got the feeling of that the city doesn’t want to have the citizen; it’s a problem that people leaving trace, that the people use the public room…

This year we have the selection, to vote for our future, I hope some of the parties will come up with a positive attitude against the citizens, it would be nice to have a party who believes at people and want the people in the country, even if you live in the big cities, at the country side or in the areas with less or no money at all… a party who bet at art - creativity and gives money to
children, teenagers, organisations and others who need money to work with art in the society as a good force, a good force without earning money every time, some times you can get rich of experiences. Money isn’t always the answer, but it is definitive a way to it… money is that way but not the goal, if it makes sense?!

Links in Swedish...

Gullbergs vass

Röda sten



Nolltolerans mot grafitti


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter (2)...

Me as the Saints of the shadows…

Easter (1)...

At a beautiful street in Barcelona, look at the patterns, isn’t it amazing?!

a photo session in Spain, Catalonian...

Montserrat and I share the same passion of taking photos and I am really happy over all the photos she has taking of me in action with my camera, in some how I always behind the camera and not so often in front of it, and this time I’m the both, in front of and behind at the same time…

As you can see and image. It has been quite a few photos under the week we was together in Girona, Barcelona under the Easter.

I had a great time and I took a lot of photos from lovely places and meetings that Montserrat took me to… I will post some later on.

I’m pleased and I enjoy my life, with all the lovely good friends that I have, all around the world.

Montserrat has as you already known, taking the photos of me in action and vice versa.

galleri hnoss... Birgit Laken...

Gallery Saturday at Konstepidemin 10.4 at 12 - 16...

Galleri hnoss shows Heartwork, an exhibition about love by Dutch jewellery artist Birgit Laken

I meet Birgit and I found her very nice and we had a great talk about different material to use for jewellery… as her interesting pieces of hearts lying in water, some of her jewellery touched my heart… Some of the pieces I will remember for a very long time.

It was/is a little bit pity that I missed her lecturing at HDK Friday the 9th of April, but when I spoke to Karin Johansson she told me that they had a DVD of the lecturing, and now I can only hope to get a copy or get invited to see it.
I will like to here Birgit talk about her works, why and how she work.
It’s not so many times these days that I get fascinated of silver in jewellery, but this was one of the silver pieces that I like and absolutely can thinking me wear.

Good luck with the exhibition Birgit and you work and I hope you had a great time visit Gothenburg.

Best wishes, Paula.

Info from;