Sunday, April 18, 2010

my soul or my memories are still somewhere in the air between Spain and Sweden...

I got this photo from Dario Rumbo a friend of mine these days, he took it in Girona this Easter and send it by mail to me yesterday… This is one of the ways I’m document my journeys, to write dairy, the other way is to take a lot of photos.

I had as I written before in my blog, a really great time during my time in Spain.
Right now I can’t say that I have landed after the trip, it was so many nice views, so many nice and interesting meetings and soon, that I have to melt and get some structure at, before I do my choose and post some of all the photos that I have taking.

I heard from a friend when we was talking about to catch up, to be in “harmony” with the experience that you have taking part of, he told me that he had heard a story about and Indian who was sitting at the airport and waiting for he’s soul to catch up with him. That’s my feeling right now, my soul or my memories are still somewhere in the air between Spain and Sweden, even if my body is here already.


Anonymous said...
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paula lindblom said...

Hi you gg. from the other side of the world… I can’t read what you comment at my blog, sorry it’s just shows squares, SO if you are serious, I hope you find an other way to communicate with me… as it look right now I delete the comments. //Paula.

montserrat lacomba said...

nice photo!!!

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