Saturday, April 10, 2010

a photo session in Spain, Catalonian...

Montserrat and I share the same passion of taking photos and I am really happy over all the photos she has taking of me in action with my camera, in some how I always behind the camera and not so often in front of it, and this time I’m the both, in front of and behind at the same time…

As you can see and image. It has been quite a few photos under the week we was together in Girona, Barcelona under the Easter.

I had a great time and I took a lot of photos from lovely places and meetings that Montserrat took me to… I will post some later on.

I’m pleased and I enjoy my life, with all the lovely good friends that I have, all around the world.

Montserrat has as you already known, taking the photos of me in action and vice versa.

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