Monday, April 5, 2010

from lunes to lunes… one week in Espana…

I have been visiting my friend Montserrat and her husband Agusti in Girona this Easter.

Great days full of happenings, a lot of interesting views, interesting meetings with different people; friends of Montserrat, jewellery colleges, art gallery owners and blog contacts…

The main word for my days is; GREAT TIME and an INTENSIVE TIME.

I will work with “all” the photos that I have been taking at my trip and post them later on…

I had a really really great time; it was great to see Montserrat and her husband Agusti again.


Joanne Haywood said...

Am pleased you had such a good time in Spain...look forward to seeing your pics and hearing all about it!
Jo x

masaoms said...

Yay, It was amazing lunch time...we have to repeat it soon!! ;-) I will send you some photos I took. xoxo

paula lindblom said...

Hi Marta!

A great time, absolutely!
I’m also very happy for all the information about “things”… it good to share experience.
I look forward to see the photos!
I will send you some of mine too, unlucky or… I empty my camera at M´s place and when I came back to Sweden the CD was clean, no images… M has sent it to me once again, so right now I waiting for it to arrive… then I will do some posts.

Take care and enjoy the spring, it has with small steps begin to shows up here in Gothenburg, but still we all waiting for the spring warm days.

Kramkram Paula.

paula lindblom said...

Hi Joanne!

It was a great time and I hope that I can show that with some post at the blog.
I meet a lot of interesting people and colleges, nice nice!
I saw a lot of places and took as always may be too many photos…

It was a great holiday but a very very intensive one.

Take care and good luck with all your things and the garden, now when I saw that the spring has arrived to UK.

Kramkram Paula.