Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gothenburg turns into a fair-ground…

You have to look really close to this photo, but if you do, you will see a Ferris wheel...
I took the photo at my way home from work yesterday, and it was a little bite to far from the main attraction.

Now Gothenburg has got a new view, yesterday they more or less finish the wheel; the Ferris wheels that the politic person has decided will stand in the harbour and be a tourist attraction for at least two years.
I’m not a positive follower of this; I think it’s a stupid idea that cost a lot of money and not a very original once either, this is my biggest objections.
If I was a political in this town I had go for the originality, to take care of what we have who could stand out a little for other towns in Sweden and all around the world, to add money to the huge flee market at Kviberg, not to get it hotter, just to make people know that it’s there by advertising, doing better parking places out there, to make sure that the people who has started it and today work there could continued with it… The other thing is to add Röda Sten and Klippan and Gullbergsvass, drömmarnas kaj / the dream of landing on the map as untouched places there people can be creative in their own way, areas that can uses for pick nicks, for walking, for concerts, for market and so on…
One of my biggest dream about Sweden and Gothenburg would be that the once who runs this country and town, started to believe in the citizens power and energy to do good thing in their own surroundings. These days Gothenburg has done a lot of in my eyes, crazy things as; Gotheburg city have zero tolerance of graffiti paint (stupid idea!), it kill the creativity and the city turn into some clean area there you can’t see the citizen’s ideas and art. It is not aloud to be street musicians is also one of the crazy ideas they had come up with ( I don’t know if it’s still forbidden… but last summer they added small yellow squares that musicians could stand in for some hours a day). Sometimes the tram company is a loud to do massive attacks to the trams, just to catch people how goes by tram for free, a really bad thing to be into, it creates a lot of stress and it’s a big same for the country like Sweden to use this kind of methods I think.
Sometimes I got the feeling of that the city doesn’t want to have the citizen; it’s a problem that people leaving trace, that the people use the public room…

This year we have the selection, to vote for our future, I hope some of the parties will come up with a positive attitude against the citizens, it would be nice to have a party who believes at people and want the people in the country, even if you live in the big cities, at the country side or in the areas with less or no money at all… a party who bet at art - creativity and gives money to
children, teenagers, organisations and others who need money to work with art in the society as a good force, a good force without earning money every time, some times you can get rich of experiences. Money isn’t always the answer, but it is definitive a way to it… money is that way but not the goal, if it makes sense?!

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