Sunday, April 18, 2010

Take a Walk on the Gray Area...

To know what’s going on at the jewellery scene right now; take a look at this site

This is a blog where 40 artists and jewellery makers from Latin American and Europe carry out a dialogue about global mobility, identities and contemporary jewellery. The dialogue will result in an exhibition to be presented in Mexico City, April 2010.

To know more on this project, read the introductory essay Take a Walk on the Gray Area.
To see the project in action, click on the couple’s names at the right column of the blog to visit the couple’s individual dialogues. Visitors are fee to comment or make questions to the artists and moderator. All topics are open to respectful and responsible discussions.

Being this a global project, we are glad to see that this blog is being widely spread through the world. Please, let others know about us. And do not forget to click on our growing Cluster Map, at the bottom of the couples’ column on the right side of this page. You will be able to see where our visitors come from!

I’m a part of this jewellery scene, even if I’m not there to enjoy it this time…
Right now I ´m follow it from distance, by the amazing cyber space… I like this kind of project and I hope one day get invited to participant by myself.


Anonymous said...
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paula lindblom said...

Hi you gg from the other side of the world… I can’t read what you comment on my blog, sorry it’s just shows squares, SO if you are serious I hope you find an other way to communicate with me… as it look right now I delete the comments. //Paula.

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