Saturday, April 10, 2010

galleri hnoss... Birgit Laken...

Gallery Saturday at Konstepidemin 10.4 at 12 - 16...

Galleri hnoss shows Heartwork, an exhibition about love by Dutch jewellery artist Birgit Laken

I meet Birgit and I found her very nice and we had a great talk about different material to use for jewellery… as her interesting pieces of hearts lying in water, some of her jewellery touched my heart… Some of the pieces I will remember for a very long time.

It was/is a little bit pity that I missed her lecturing at HDK Friday the 9th of April, but when I spoke to Karin Johansson she told me that they had a DVD of the lecturing, and now I can only hope to get a copy or get invited to see it.
I will like to here Birgit talk about her works, why and how she work.
It’s not so many times these days that I get fascinated of silver in jewellery, but this was one of the silver pieces that I like and absolutely can thinking me wear.

Good luck with the exhibition Birgit and you work and I hope you had a great time visit Gothenburg.

Best wishes, Paula.

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