Thursday, April 22, 2010

Barbara Uderzo...

I meet Barbara Uderzo from Italy at gallery Klimt02 when I was there with my friend and college Montserrat under my trip to Barcelona this Easter.
A great meeting… Now I can show some of the interesting and colourful and playful jewellery that Barbara has created, I get them by e-mail some day a go…

Dear Barbara I hope we will meet again or have contact… Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your work with me and let me use them for my blog.

Dear Montserrat and Paula,
i'm happy to meet you in barcelona :-)
i'm sending some images of my artworks ...

3 rings : Barbara Uderzo, BLOB RINGS, rings -foto a.collini

1 ring : Barbara Uderzo, BLOB RING, ring -foto a.collini

1 spilla : Barbara Uderzo, BLOB, brooch -foto s.maraboli

Barbara Uderzo, BIJOUX-CHOCOLAT, necklece, chocolate, pure gold foil

Barbara Uderzo, ONDINA INFINITA, necklece, silver ...and my cat :-)

ciao ciao :-)

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