Saturday, April 10, 2010

galleri Konstepidemin... Anna Carlsson...

Anna Carlssons exhibition New songs from the swamp opens at Galleri Konstepidemin. See Anna and her performance company Destroy all monsters at 13, 14 and 15. (They will also perform the closing day May 2).

Info from;

Here you can find more info and all artist who working at Konstepedimen.

Anna is a friend of mine, but even if I have known her for a long time, I have never seen her paintings. Here I have taking a lot of photos, most of them are close ups from her huge paintings or drawings or collage.

I really really like what I saw and I have to go back and look closer, under an opening is so many nice people to say hi to and of course to speak to the artist too.

I like the colourfulness, the humour and also that I, as a view has to think twice…

I can recommend you to visit the exhibition and it makes an extra spice if you also get some of Annas performing, she is really good to arrange “dances”.

Anna is the girl with the blue skirts at the photos… it’s her dog at the outside the gallery too…

Good Luck Anna!!!