Sunday, January 20, 2013

sometimes the breezily ways are good enough…

Friday eve… The coolest corner – Nordic jewellery exhibition starts in Oslo and I am not there… I had a micro party with a friend in my small kitchen, not so glamorous at all, but very cozy, very nice and a very very funny evening.

I believe that I’m a simple and uncomplicated person, I´m not dependent on nice surfaces; I like simplicity and big hearts among friends, which is enough, it´s okay eating directly from the box…

Uprightness and attendance is things that I appreciate a lot and this evening was in that sign, with a truly friend that I care a lot about and that I felt is a good person in every way you want a friend to be.

I hope that the opening in Copenhagen in June will be great and that I have the opportunity to be there and be a part, look forward to meet colleges and go to Copenhagen, I like Copenhagen a lot and it will be great to go there once again in the beginning of the summer.

The Danish Design Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark,  28 June - 15 September 2013

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