Monday, June 17, 2013

I waiting for holiday and a lovely sunny summer...

As you have seen at this blog lately, not so much jewellery… My life has had a lot of life knots and it has made my jewellery making suffering, I have ideas for new things but I don´t have the energy and haven´t had it the whole first part of the year. 
I try to handle it as it´s a part of life to have less energy for creativity… but it sucks anyway; I love to make jewellery art… Now I had been collecting ideas and doing nice things with friends just to keep up my good intentions and not fall into some kind of hopelessness…  I enjoy my ordinary life but some parts, as the part of earning money right now are not the best conditions… I waiting for holiday and a lovely sunny summer and I wish that you still visit my blog await for something to shows up.

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