Friday, December 6, 2013

de dansande andarnas skog...


Sunday evening I take off to Haga bion for a film that I have longing for to see, de dansande andarnas skog... It was a great evening with a friend of me and a interesting documentary about people in Congo's jungle... but I was a little disappointed about the angel in the film, for me as I thought from the beginning when I had heard and read about the film I thought it was the makers journey I was taking part of, but it was "just" some of the people that lived in the jungle that was showed, I missed for myself a dimension I think. I believe that I have seen this kind of documentaries before, nothing new under the sun so to speak, even if it's  always good to remain about the vulnerability people are expose to and that we all have some kind of responsibility for what´s going on in our world.



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