Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I do my best to get better…

Echinagard, Alvedon and salt for my cold.

It was along time since I was as cold and ill as I am right now… I have no energy at all and at the same time I felt stressed over by being home, doing more or less nothing at all.
I take my pills, I rest and I gurgle in salt water just to take the entire bacillus away.
It is the coldness season right now, I’m not the only one who is ill right now, but that is not a solace at all.
When the autumn shows up; you meet new people and new bacillus after the summer vacation…
Hopefully this will be my only cold period at this autumn and winter, now I have done my part so to speak.
I need to complain a little because I’m not used to be like this, often I have more or less the energy to go to work even if I’m a little bite ill, I take a Alvedon and then I’m fit for fight, but that is not the point right now… another level of the cold.


Joanne Haywood said...

Get better soon Paula!
Jo x

paula lindblom said...

Thank you for your thought Joanne, I try me very best to get back on track…
Right now I sit and add “stupid” post at my blog and feel pity over myself.

I hope you have a better day and a better start at the week then me?!

Take care and enjoy life!

Kramkram Paula.