Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hi you... now I’m finally back at the blog track...

Two months later and I’m finally here…

This summer have been filled up with great culture events, a lot of inspiration with sun and nature mixed in a good combination.

Grebbestad- Bohus
Gerlesborgsskolan – Bohus
KKV Bohuslän
Pilane Heritage soceity – Tjörn.
Liseberg – Gothenburg
Upmarket – Gotenburg
Kulturkalaset – Gotheburg

My summer has past very very fast and I have been doing a lot of non - creative things by myself, just looking and get inspirited about what others have done… I like to take a break sometimes and get back with new energy and new ideas, and I hope I am there now, with some new exhibitions at my timetable for the autumn and so on…
I have spend times with my family and friends, being out in the sun a lot and playing with my parents little kitten too, even if Sigge ( the cat) aren’t so little in size, this summer his weight was around 3 kg, it’s a Maine coon cat.

This is pics from my midsummer weekend 25-27/6 2010.

I celebrate the midsummer weekend with my friend Anita, we had the opportunity to borrow Anita’s parent’s apartment in the heart of Grebbestad, a lovely weekend with good company, good midsummer food as herring, fresh potatoes strawberry’s with wiped cream and some alcohol…

A lovely and amazing sunset over the harbour in Grebbestad and an amazing fullmoon light in the late night.

We where on the beach or on the rocks the midsummer day, we where out in the evening time, eating fresh seafood and had a great time with all the others who also celebrate the midsummer in Grebbestad this weekend.

At our way home, back to Gothenburg with car, we stopped by at
Gerlesborgsskolan - art school – in Bohuslän. this school was placed in a beautiful area, I really really like the atmosphere and I hope to work there some day (I will contact them…)… It was two artists who exhibit there when we where there, two interesting artist, students from the school… Josefin Adde Dahl and Lina Antonsson

We also stopped by at KKV in Bohuslän, and amazing place too, I fall in love with the spontaneity, the creativity and of course the beautiful nature that Bohus coast offer, I love the nature with the rocks coming up from nowhere and the water…

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