Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wednesday evening...

Wednesday this week I was at the film;
Veronika bestämmer sig för att dö – Veronika decide morrer - Veronika decides to die.
By Paulo Coelho

As almost always I think that the book is better than the film, but it was a nice quiet film with the sense moral that live your life as best as you can, it could ending before you knows…

This lines have been importand for me in my work, when I working with my jewellery and the consumer society I like to have this lines/the text visible for me, just to remember that our time spins really fast and it a lot of things that we “need” to catch… BUT here is the opposite, Christopher Scholes invent our keyboards that we use today, just to make it slower.


Have you ever asked yourself why the letters of a typewriter’s keyboard are placed in the order they are?
- No, I have never asked myself that question.
- We can call this keyboard QWERTY, the first keys of the upper row are placed like that.
The first typewriter was invented by Christopher Scholes in 1873, in order to improve the calligraphy. However, soon a problem arose, when the type bars jammed against each other and made it impossible to write. To solve this, Christopher Scholes designed the keyboard QWERTY, a keyboard which should force the user to write more slowly to keep the type arms from jamming. Typewriter keyboards, that in time became computer keyboards, were from the beginning designed for slower writing and not faster.

From Paulo Coelho’s “Veronika decide morrer”.
Translated by Christina Hallberg.

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