Friday, November 20, 2009

my point of view in the workshop…

Workshop assignment at KORU3 2009.
By Constanze Schreiber

Read my jewellery

For Santa Claus it was a tradition in the Netherlands to write poems to each other within the family member was choosing one relative to write the poem for, where he/she had some criticism on. The challenge was to express the criticism in the poem in a way that it was clear, but charming.

Choose a person from your close environment who you value and transfer this tradition by making a piece of jewellery instead a poem; it could be family or friends.
If you don’t have criticism on anybody or if you think that’s to personal use your imagination.
Find material that reflect or talk about the character of the person you chose.

My point of view was my sister, first my thought was that what ever I do, it will be a little bite irritated to her, she really don’t understand what I’m doing or why I’m doing it, therefore not said that she don’t like my things and life and so on…
When I was looking for some kind of material to express the idea, I found a phone handle and then it pops up that my sister sometimes call me and after some words, she can end it with; I have no more time to speak to you.
Every time that happens it hurt me a little, I haven’t told her this and now IF she read this, she will see it… hm?!
I don’t think that she is doing it to be bad, I don’t think she thinking about it the way I thinking about it…It was a good way of express something who irritated me a little with some family member, in this assignment, I also think that this could be a poem in words too, if we had the same tradition in Sweden at Christmas time.

My idea ended up in a crochet little object with needles in the end, my idea was that the needles want not be seeing, but I didn’t have the time to hidden them.
One needle hurt, many hurts much more…
The object idea was that it is a in and out way in the object with a wider end.

I’m glad for the result and I think that I get a lot of new views and inspirations to work further with.

The three other assignments under this workshop who was in 4 days was:

A group discussion about the contemporary jewellery world “map”.
We had to talk about and write down how we look at all the fields that contemporary jewellery can contains.

Interesting to see what come up.

After the discussion we had to look at our own place at the map, to see how we work with our own jewellery… I think that I have a narrative and a politic line in my works and If I have to add me in some fields, I think I will choose this two.

The last assignment was to create a self-portrait…
My self-portrait was about to give and take and “use” coffee to survive.
I think I’m good to give and also take what comes in my way, but sometimes I have to take care of what I give away… Some people can use it in wrong ways, be bad to you even if your attention is to be good. This was a stronger feeling when I was younger; these days I think I can take care and be more lay back…
Coffee is a need and I have to say that I’m addicted to coffee and that nothing that I’m proud of, but in one way it has become a joke and a sign with my closes friends.
I can get an e-mail from friends who ask if I got my morning coffee yet.

I choose to work with paper coffee cups as the main material in the last assignment, I also used “holes” and some stone… I choose the stones (grey stones) and different lines/treads.

I think its a little bite hard to explain ALL my thoughts and ideas in this workshop, but I hope I have explained it a little bite?!

I think two weeks later that I got a lot of new fresh impressions and it was nice to choose to work with fewer colours than I’m usual do.
I’m satisfied that I work with not so much material, that I could use the same material in other objects…
It started a lot of process in my mind in this workshop and I have to say that it is always good to get the opportunity sometimes to work together with others, to see and hear how others are working and thinking.
I leave the workshop very filled up, tired and incredible happy over the opportunity to have time to participant and also got the chance to be picked out to participant. To work together with all the lovely and very very nice participants! Miss you!!!


Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria said...

increible work about your sister!!!

paula lindblom said...

Hi dear Marta!

It started with the pointed view about my sister, but it finally ending up in my own space/area of my own feelings, who I am, who I want to be and so on... also how other choose to see me and how that affects me… Really interesting to dig where you stand, so to speak.
I learn a lot about myself in this.

Take care and keep up the good work!

Kramkram Paula.

Joanne Haywood said...

Hi Paula,

Really interesting enjoying all the new posts about your workshop in Finland. Am so pleased it was a good experience! Congratulations!

Will send you a nice long email soon.

Jo xxx

paula lindblom said...

Hi dear Joanne!

Nice that you stoped by and left some comments and that you like what you see!

Absolutly SNOW in Finland, very amazing and also nice to show Ale and others who never seen snow before.

Kramkram Paula.