Friday, November 20, 2009

THANK YOU ALL for a great week!

I think that a dandelion says more then thousand words, for me it represent some thing who shine as a little sun, then it spread all over the world and then the process starts again, landed, growing, blossom and shine… right now I felt like a seed in the wind, who got the tools and inspiration to landed and start grow, with all the meetings and all inspiration and all new thoughts that is in my mind.

I will started with this, to say THANK YOU to all the lovely, nice and beautiful persons/colleges I have meet under my week in Imatra, in workshop, on my free time, at the symposium, at the exhibitions and so on.

You ALL really made my week and it took me two weeks to add all the post to my blog, just too landed soft after a great, inspired week.

As I hope you can see in the post below, it has been a lot of creativity, nice activities and a lot of nice memories to remember and new contacts to keep in touch with and share our profession with.

I wish you ALL luck with your work and I hope we met again!

For a time ago, I get this photo of a dandelion by Montserrat.
I have mixed with it a little, light it up and change the colour a bite.


montserrat lacomba said...

Hi Paula!
One more time: THANKS! It's a fabulous report. You make me live a little bit your experience. I appreciate very much your effort and the importance to share all this information.
Thanks, thanks, thanks!
With love and thoughts,

Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria said...

Hi Paula, thanks for all those fabulous pictures and compositions, really beautiful work.
thanks for sharing with us
thanks for feeling a good friendship since 2004.
and i hope to see you , and not after 5 years again.
Congratulations for your next exhibitions , lecture and keep on going with new inspirations and work.

Really Imatra for all of us was a good experience, and when i return to Bruxelles , good energy began to appear.

i would like to share your blog with others in facebook and on my blog also.
Could i take some pictures and posted it?

smile, enjoy, grow, create, feel and share!!!
stronge hug , pretty woman!!!

paula lindblom said...

Hi dear Montserrat and Marta!

Of course Marta,you can spreed my blog all over the internet space, it´s just good!Take what you want and write where you got it from... NO problem at all, just a grateful Paula in this end of the world.

It was as you hopeful can see at all the images a really really great week.

Take care and enjoy life and keep up the good work and may be we can meet this spring?! Would be nice!

Marta say hallo to your husband Jarko from me too, it was nice to meet him and you look so good together.

Kramkram Paula.

Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria said...

regards from us and could you send me by mail the picture with alejandra, you , Jarkko and Marta and Lisa?

thanks ;)

paula lindblom said...

Hi dear Marta!

I just have the photos in this size, so pick the once you want, no problem at all.

I will see later on, if I have the orginal photos and then I can send you some...

Take care and keep up the good work.

With love and thoughts, kramkram Paula