Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sverker Eklund...

Sverker Eklund

Sverker talk so warmly about his nagging girls. Sometimes he has to put them in boxes because of all the wishes they have; give me more lip gloss, more gold, why can’t I have a red dress etc.
For me it’s angels hanging there on the walls, and for Sverker that was okay… We where talking about who they could fly or not, a strange conversation, they can only fly in our imagination and that’s good enough. A very very nice meeting and a generous talk about whom and why he work as he does.

I like his cows, the one at the top of the post and I hope that I can do a good deal after Christmas time, for me it looks like a reindeer.

I like the smell in the studio, wood, wood, wood...

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