Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hi you!

Now I’m back on track after a very nice, inspirited week in Imatra, Finland.
I meet a LOT of new nice, interesting, inspirited people and of course they also are colleges in jewellery art.

My week started with a now power at all, I needed to go or bicycle to work, just for money…
I have a lot of impressions to deal with, lot of GOOD impressions from the week between 1-8 November 2009.
When I got home and open my computer, I had a lot of nice offers to take care of; invitation to a book in USA… lecturing about my art after my time at HDK, to do a piece to gallery Platina 10 years anniversary etc.

I’m glad that we have shit weather here in Gothenburg this weekend, snow in the air and really grey weather outdoors; it makes it easier to stay indoors and do what I have to do… I also started a cure against the swine flue, I do it the “good” way, no injection, I go for the sugar pills.

I will tell you more about the Imatra week; it was interesting and a good week in many ways, so I have to structure my images and also what I think about the all…

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montserrat lacomba said...

Those are goods news!
Now you can concentrate your effort in your work. We need to look also inside us!
Best wishes!
Kramkram Montserrat