Friday, November 20, 2009

the final of the three workshops, a mish mash from the last workshops evening…

The final of the three workshops, a mish mash from the last workshops evening…
It was great to see what the other two groups had been working with, good food in the end, with mingle.
It was a lot of good things coming out of these four days with workshops, I could almost touch at the creativity, it was in the air the whole time, I never experience some bad vibes or frustration at this workshop, everything was joy and good meetings with people, material and shapes.

I’m sorry that I haven’t write the name of anyone who has done something or are on the photos, but my blog has something that do that I can’t do it afterward… I can only add text to the end of the post.

Imatra, Finland

Workshop by Iris Eichenberg


Nanna Melland
Jorge Manilla
Sofia Björkman
Gwen Oulman-Brennan
Kaori Juzu
Jurgita Erminaite
Dana Hakim
Anette Dam
Julia Henscheid
Veera Metso
Krista Ruohonen
Saija Koskialho
Elo Uibokand
Assistant: Tiina Rajakallio

Workshop by Constance Schreiber


Antje Stolz
Paula Lindblom
Alejandra Solar Villalva
Noémie Doge
Maaike Ebbinge
Märta Mattsson
Lisa Björke
Emma Pyykkönen
Ugne Blazyte
Alison Baxter
Sidney Deaghlan
Marika Jalkanen
Heta Hyvönen
Sara Gackowaska
Assistant: Jenni Sokura

Workshop by Ute Eitzenhöfer


Mette Klarskov
Gemma Draper
Ulrike Kampfert-Chuard
Yvonne Ruiz
Mari Keto
Egle Cejauskaite
Ashley Kratzke
Emilia Eskelinen
Hanna Aav
Salla-Mari Lukkarinen
Madoka Yasui
Marek Mrowinski
Gaston Rois
Assistant: Tarja Tuupanen

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